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Naadam Cashmere : Conscious Softness

Naadam Cashmere trip

In today’s fast fashion, cheap clothing and landfill seem to be going hand in hand. The necessity for all of us to think intelligently on how we buy and why we buy, has never been more important as it becomes clearer that our purchasing power has more affect on the globe than we think.

Naadam Cashmere, which is sourced from the finest fibres in the world, is a brand that MenStylePower call ‘cool and conscious’. The garments are of gentleman’s substance; relevant and of the highest quality.

If you’re new to wearing cashmere then the technical name Cashmere wool, is simply known as Cashmere and is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats. The common definition defines the fiber as a wool but is in fact – hair, and this is what gives it its unique characteristics as compared to sheep’s wool. Cashmere is fine in texture, strong, light, and soft. Garments made from cashmere provide approximately eight times the insulation of sheep’s wool and is much softer.

NaadamOrigins-_mushroom zip cardi with girl

Naadam’s cashmere is sourced from rare white Hircus goats. To thrive in Mongolia’s extreme weather conditions (temperatures can drop below 50 degrees), these goats grow long, soft undercoats which uniquely produces the finest cashmere in the world.

They process all of their cashmere in Italian mills that are centuries old, spinning the finest yarns in the world and harnessing the superior quality of Mongolia’s noble fiber.

Beyond an extremely successful fashion product, Naadam Cashmere understands that the end product does not come without cost; from the dedicated herders who harvest the fleece for a global audience to wear.

naadam herders

The company connects generations of tradesmen to a modern aesthetic affirming each piece as an undeniable symbol of championing a cause and supporting a community. Beyond the exceptional menswear designs, Naadam Cashmere’s philosophy on how a fashion brand should operate in the 21st century is commendable.

Sourcing the finest quality materials is to some brands as necessary as air they breathe. They have the lives of their suppliers, herders, shearers and crop growers in their hands. Naadam Cashmere supports their herders’ livestock through microeconomic development, thereby gaining first access to the world’s finest fibres. A percentage of Naadam’s circulates back to their herders to preserve their livestock through annual vaccination programs.

Now if you’ve never worn cashmere before, be prepared to never go back to synthetic fibres. The beauty of Naadam Cashmere is, it is so fine, it reduces the bulk under your suit or sports jacket in winter and will be all you’ll need to wear in Autumn.

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Naadam Cashmere Camo jumper


This is a heavy weight high collared sweater in pure cashmere vanise, worked in a soft plain three-ply knit to accentuate the downy texture and velvety finish of the fibres.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Herder: Dash | Region: Bayangovi

Naadam Cashmere shawl collar grey cardigan


A refined four thread pure cashmere chunky cardigan with shawl collar worked in rib stitch. Hip length, heavy weight bomber styled with a tailored fit. Perfect worn as light outerwear at the start of the season, or a valuable item to wear in winter overlays. The ultimate fibres come together to create an exclusive knit with an effortlessly casual flavor.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Herder: Dash | Region: Bayangovi

Naadam Cashmere Military jacket

DUFFLE COAT (Military coat)

The duffel style coat is embodied by the precious and double-face soft woven cashmere with a fitted cut and below the hip length. The inside of the hood is embellished with pure knitted cashmere fabric bearing a camouflage pattern. The button closure and zip provide excellent protection for the winter. Warm, versatile outerwear that is ideal both in the mountains and as an over-jacket in the city.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Herder: Dash | Region: Bayangovi

NaadamOrigins-BLue shawl long cardigan


Super-soft thick coatigan worked in an eight-thread pure cashmere waffle knit, inspired by maritime elegance. Styled with a tailored cut, this enveloping coatigan is both warm and casual. The long lines, stand-up collar and toggle closure combined with the paracord braiding and side pocked details define a valuable style for the winter coatigan.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Herder: Dash | Region: Bayangovi

Naadam Cashmere black grey camo cardigan


Heavy weight high collared knitted coatigan, worked in a soft six-ply jacquard knit to accentuate softness of the silky cashmere fiber. Below hip length, styled with a classic cut come together to ensure a modern and stylish character. Remarkably versatile outerwear for city dressing, and also perfect for travel.

Material: 100% Cashmere | Herder: Dash | Region: Bayangovi


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