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Mr Porter creates ‘Costume to Collection’ for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When Mr Matthew Vaughn went to Mr Porter with the script for Kingsman: The Secret Service, they jumped at the chance to work with him and costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips on a first-of-its-kind “costume to collection”. And now, with the second instalment of the movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Mr Porter are at it again.


Mr Porter’s aim was to ensure the clothes in the film not only served their part for the characters of the story, but also created a unique collection that really stood out from the norm. To achieve this, they focused on reinventing the quintessential Savile Row double-breasted suit to be more contemporary and sleek in its cut, while still staying true to its traditional origins.

The next stage of the process involved us putting a dream team of British heritage brands together to contribute towards the finishing touches of this Kingsman wardrobe and ultimately create a 60-piece collection.

The results are: customised watches from Bremont, Goodyear-welted shoes from George Cleverley, shirts, pyjamas and gowns from Turnbull & Asser, grenadine silk ties from Drake’s, waxed cotton jackets from MackintoshSwaine Adeney Brigg umbrellas  and briefcases, Lock & Co hats, Deakin & Francis cufflinks and Conway Stewart pens.

The Kingsman collection is designed to cater to the needs of the modern man – whether his mission takes him to such hotbeds of peril as the office or entertaining a date at home (dressing gown and velvet slippers at the ready). As such, it incorporates a range of fine tailoring, which is made in England using traditional cloths woven by the best British mills. It also includes a few pieces more suitable for the field (even if the field equals running errands on a Saturday), such as a waxed-cotton jacket made by Mackintosh.


And now, Kingsman, The Golden Circle.

A NEW MISSION, A NEW WARDROBE: The Kingsman agents make their long-awaited comeback in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. MR PORTER has once again partnered with costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips to provide them — and you — with a bespoke collection. Much like the film, this new collection is a bigger, bolder and even more stylish affair than the last. Check it out here.



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