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‘Mo is the Time’ for James Magnussen in MOVEMBER.

Magnussen-noshirt Mo

Tomorrow is the start of Movember; an awesome initiative to raise money for the research of prostate cancer, where Gentlemen from all walks of life, grow a mustache for the month of November. Thus calling it, Mo-vember.

This month, we’re following our mate, James Magnussen, World swimming champion, Maurice Lacroix ambassador and all round nice dude, to see what his team from Mo’rice Lacroix do to raise awareness and money for the cause.  As you’d imagine, Magnussen will bring a healthy dose of competitive spirit and patriotism to the global stage as he leads a troop of home-grown Mo Bros and Mo Sistas as the Captain of Australia’s very own Mo’rice Lacroix team. Dig!

James has extended his call for Aussie blokes and ladies (as Mo-Sistas), to join him on the fundraising quest. To be part of the Australian Mo’rice Lacroix Team, please register here at

The person who raises the most money for Movember wins a Maurice Lacroix watch!

To mark this exciting partnership Maurice Lacroix have created two limited editions of the Pontos S Diver of 14 units each. The first 14 pieces will feature an orange Movember ‘stache on the dial and will reward the greatest fundraisers of each national Mo’rice Lacroix team. The second series of 14 timepieces will feature a white ‘stache on the dial and will be sold exclusively on Maurice Lacroix will donate all benefits of the sale to the Movember Foundation.



As we love a good story, the whole Mo-vember idea came about when a group of mates were sitting round having a beer and started talking about health issues, and a joke arose on growing the good ol’ fashioned Mo. I mean…where did it go? Did it crawl up our nostrils and become nose hair? The mono-brow? Did it slide and become our chest hair? Did our women pester us to shave it off, for a better kiss? Or did fashion move on and the clean shaven powerhouse man become the norm?

We saw the mo ‘represent’ in Colin Farrell in Miami Vice, Orlando Bloom in The Three Musketeers, Sam Elliot in The Big Lebowski, Billy Dee Williams in The Empire Strikes Back, Aaron Ruell in Napoleon Dynamite, Charlie Chaplin and the dial on Sasha Baron Cohen in Borat. All hilarious, entertaining, powerful movies. They’re cool! No? (My alter-ego is Bloom in the Musketeers – what a sophisticated MO!).



James Magnussen, our champion sportsman, is an inspiration to us. In his young age, he’s achieved more than people would in a lifetime, and has upheld his integrity through adversity – plus has a burning desire to leave a legacy for the next generation. Ka-pow!

What was the inspiration for you to be part of Movember?

Last year I was lucky enough to meet Adam Garone (Movember’s Co-Founder) at an event with GQ Magazine. We spent some time talking about Movember and I was so impressed with his vision and what he set out to do, to get men talking about important health issues. I came away from that night looking forward to being a part of Movember this year. When Maurice Lacroix asked me to Captain the team for this year I jumped at the chance.

The founders of Movember, raised the idea of the charity after a few beers talking about fashion and why the mustache never made a comeback….have you always quietly wanted to grow a mustache?

I have for a long time! As a swimmer we have a bit of a love / hate relationship with body hair as we shave down for big events but for me I have always enjoyed growing a bit of a beard at different times. I have no idea whether I will be suited by a Mo but this is the year to find out!

Who are your favourite movie/sitcom characters who have a mustache?

One of my favourite movies is Napoleon Dynamite and I love the character Uncle Rico. He was rocking a pretty cool mo. You also cannot go past Ron Burgundy in Anchorman – cracker Mo and an inspiration for this month.

What do you think the problem is with men not talking about their health?

I just think sometimes with us guys we are not always the best at opening up and talking with each other about issues around health. We tend to keep these things to ourselves naturally. I think this is definitely the case with younger guys. I do think this is changing for the better though and that campaigns and causes such as Movember really help with breaking down these barriers between us guys.

Is there someone close to you who you feel will benefit from your participation?

I think, like most people, I have a lot of important men in my life that I care about with family and mates. I would like to think that all of them could benefit from taking the time to talk openly about different issues that may affect their health and well-being.

What products are you going to be using to keep the ‘itch’ from getting too much at the 5 o’clock shadow stage?

With the amount of time I spend in water in chlorine I have a pretty strict regime when it comes to moisturising, I am hoping this regime will get me through Movember.

There are 800,000 people taking part – raising $120-Million for the cause, What is your strategy to break through the crowd to attract social media views?

Well I am in the enviable position of having some support from Maurice Lacroix. I am not one for bribery but there are some fantastic watches to be won by those who get involved through Team Mo’Rice Lacroix… I am just hoping it is a big month for all involved, raises plenty of money and gets blokes taking more about the important stuff.


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