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Men’s Streetwear – Nike, Converse & Vans

Street and Skatewear are the trend-leaders for Spring Summer and rightly so. Nothing is more freeing than getting out of your weekly office attire and getting to the park, surf or court. Masculine energy mixed with Vitamin D is an addictive concoction, and that feeling you’ve done something you love on the weekend and exerted physical energy is paramount for good looking skin (releasing endorphins) and confidence. And that’s why MenStylePower always endorse some form of sport. Yet, if you’re a little shy to get out there; then just start by looking the part….the rest will follow!

I bet you didn’t know that when you wore your Converse as a teenager, how important they were in terms of encompassing the ‘Past Greats’ of Sport.

Nah, all you cared about was that you HAD a pair of Converse. They were cool, and they ARE cool – still. Converse Star Players have made it through the 70s, 80s and the next 20 years to still be the preferred skate footwear due to their flexible and responsive design. They may have been designed on the 1970s basketball DNA, but they are crafted for skating.

Converse – The Jack Purcell Camo

The New 2012 high top UK Converse

Converse coming soon @ Size?

So to craze – MenStylePower have never seen such hype as there’s been around Nike footwear. Any footwear of this brand causes mayhem when it’s released. And rightly so. Another immaculate streetwise brand that was birthed well before it was trademarked in 1971, ranging from the professional to the strider to give all men an association of power to the Greek Goddess of Victory it is named after.

The Nike Hyperdunk+

Nike have this ridiculous way of innovating their products for sports. Their groundbreaking technology for the running shoes, has now been transferred into all facets of their footwear range. Their hyperdunk+, constructed on a soft and responsive cushion and encased in Flywire technology has advanced this particular shoe to be named under the ‘Dream Team’ collection. Check them out here.

The Dream Team Collection

Classic Navy Leather Cortez Nikes

Nike 2012 Australia Open shoes with Flywire technology

And now to Stig’s favorite; Vans. It may be because Stig has a close friend called Van, or cause he’s worn these delightfully comfortable shoes for years. Again produced for skateboarding in 1966, Vans were also made for BMX riders. And low and behold, doesn’t Stig love a bike. Motor and cycle. All good stuff for you blokes. Give him the California Era, leather, spongy and flexible. Deconstructed California Authentics with brushed metallic eyelets have been in his wardrobe for years now, still clean and looking swagger – as leather is so much easier to clean than canvas, although we do tend to throw the canvas shoes in the washing machine. Yup, a man’s way of cleaning shoes mate.

Van’s California Authentic Deconstructed Brown Leather shoes

Van’s California Era white leather shoes

Van’s Classic Canvas

Spring Summer Collection – Vans

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