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Men’s Street Style that will blow Fashion out the Water!

Tommy Ton, the internationally acclaimed street fashion photographer went crazy during last week’s Paris Fashion Week. But he wasn’t interested in what was on the runways like most photographers. He was on the streets being amused by the incredible Street Styling that was overpowering the collections indoors.

The rise of the Street Style has been gaining traction over the last 5 years, but nothing has hit the digital film like the Paris Fashion Weeks Peacocks.

Yep, that’s what they’re called. But what we’ve seen is there are no peacocks here. These Street Stylers are absolutely authentic in their nature and attire. And try and pin a runway trend on them? No freaking way. Unlike the 50’s where there was a familiarity around a Gentleman’s attire – think Mad Men, and double breasted suits everywhere, here – in Paris we’ve seen Nothing of the sorts.

Every single person has their own ‘thing’ going on. And it’s incredible. Like a movie. Looking left to right, from buses, to limousines delivering perfectly styled individuals to the cobblestone streets, to the stairs delivering journalists and editors from a recently shown runway – their is this kaleidescope of colour, fabrics, shapes and silhouettes gliding across the lane ways. It’s heaven!

MenStylePower predicts that the collaboration between Street Styler and Cat Walker, is going to evolve in next years’ runway shows. How can it not?!! The power of what fashion conscious peeps are wearing on the street has more appeal to the masses because of this very reason – FASHION IS WHAT YOU BUY, STYLE IS HOW YOU WEAR IT. Unless the Designers can collaborate, we think the real show will be on the The Avenue des Champs-Élysées in 2015.

Resource: All photos credited to Tommy Ton.



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