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Men’s Street Style

Gents, we have grown in leaps and bounds and we’re looking forward to the next six months where we’ll be announcing some kick*** news about the next phase of this fast growing blog and community. Watch this space and keep talking to us. We dig a conversation about confidence and style.

In the meantime, enjoy what the men on our streets – from LA to NYC and Milan – are wearing. This time we’ve taken a slight focus on the urban gent. Black brothers have some serious attitude and style with some double breasting. Italian gents, get wrapped up in some heavy knits and we will always prop our sources – the great, satorialist.

Summer in New York City

Above: Oh freedom. These are the necessary basics to wear when you’re loving the new season in your home town. Straight legged jeans with distressed knees and potentially unwashed for about 2 months. Put your jeans in the freezer to keep them looking authentic and crisp. Converse, not so white and a grey T. This one looks like it’s worn inside out. Style mate! And top it off with a must have accessory for a man, hat. Yes, straw, felt, wool or high end elegance, the humble hat is making a come back.

Nanna's knits - Nice.

Above: Oh Florence. Where the well dressed men reside. Well, we’re all looking pretty bloody good lately, alas Italy has some of the most well dressed men in the world. Heart and soul of tailored excellence, this Florence dude dons the heavy knits of old. Yes once upon a time Nana would knit this for you by hand, although now we have machines to weave in the wonder of wool patterns and mystery. Mr Florence’s colour patterns are excellent. Crisp white shirt, overlaid with two knits topped off with a very thick scarf. Bottoms – latte/sand coloured slacks. Dig.

Hong Kong Dollar

Above: One of my favourite cities in the entire world. Hong Kong. That red dragon, buzzy, old vs new atmosphere that holds true to its Asian roots, yet welcomes the West into its streets. Mr HK dude casually strolls through the cobblestone and concrete paths that twine and twist like a snake within the city. Yes, you can easily get lost. But while doing so, you’re entertained by the new retail stores and food/cocktail ditties that pop up everywhere. HK is cheap, it’s delightful, it’s accepting. Mr HK wears his casuals today, with a swanky new wrist watch. A man’s essential jewel.

L.A - lazy, self-assured and confident.

Above is L.A – creative, adventuring and laid-back. A medium-knit in navy, a sensational colour for men with any ol’ white T underneath. Swig an espresso in this attire or a scotch, and the emotion is the same. Cool.


Above: New York. Well. What can one say? Double breasted glory in jeans. A waist coat watch, elegant hat, boots and light coloured scarf. This dude is rockin. Behind him, is a look just as wow – especially with the flood light of gold flashing from his left cuff. Everything mono-toned apart from the most appreciated piece on the gent. His jewellery.

A fine example of how a young man is to wear a suit.

Above: Milan. It’s a suit right? Yes. Well. We all have a suit. Yes but this one isn’t out of the 80s. One mistake men make is they claim to have a suit, but it was the one they wore at their valedictory. Gents. Take note. Anything you wear needs to compliment your shape and features. Suits are expensive yes, but if you have it shape your silhouette correctly it will be your best friend for 10 years. No need to follow trends here. Milan is wearing a double breasted which was laughed at only 3 years ago and feverishly worn in the days of Gatsby. Lookin’ fly!

New York New York

Above: NY, is casual slick. Chinos, distressed leather tans, and a sports zip jacket. He’s pale, so wearing a strong colour next to his features brings them out, and doesn’t paste them back. Latte, Sand, Camel and Tans are great colours for blondes.

Stylin in Milan.

Above: Milan: I mean how did he manage to get his iPhone case matching that pole? Totally prepared! In fact, when he goes past the pink pole, he has his other phone to pose next to that one. Seriously, Mr Milan has thought about this outfit. Great to see. Now are they pajama pants? Or are they some silk Italian design with the latest textiles? Again, we’re seeing camel cashmere step into the light in the AW seasons. Excellent.


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