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Men’s Street Style

Behind every good fashion show today, whether it be in Paris, New York, Melbourne or London, you can be sure to find the epitome of street style lining up to fill the seats of the second row back. (The first is always reserved for the designers and their clientele and the socialites of each incredible city).

However street style, and the rash of blogs that pay homage to this growing phenomena of the past decade, is fast becoming a core reference tool for fashion houses and designers who monitor them for global inspiration and to learn how trends are being adapted on the street. The highly expensive fashion subscription sites such as WGSN have dedicated an entire category to Street Style. And it’s incredible.

Street Style is personal, individual and out there. It’s rockin’ bold and celebrates the uniqueness approach individuals have to wearing clothes and feeling good in them.

Two people may buy the same Ferragamo shoes and wear them completely differently. Likewise, a Tom Ford suit and zjoozj it up in vastly different ways that suit their own individual taste, body shape, colour palette and mood they’re in that particular day.

That’s why designers are watching the streets more than ever before to get a glimpse into what could become the next big TREND.

And each city has its own brand of street style and its own blog style watchers. Tokyo Street Style celebrates the spirit of Harajuku, Street Peeper is a global street fashion photo site, featuring the best street style from cities like New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, and more. The Style Scout is London’s longest running street Fashion blog, documenting London Street Fashion across the city.

Copenhagen StreetStyle takes a look at the street style in Copenhagen, Denmark and of course there’s nothing that can beat The Sartorialist‘ – Scott Schuman’s wonder child that pioneered fashion photography in blog form. Scott begun his ode to street style when he began carrying a digital camera around on the streets of the Big Apple taking pics of people who dressed in a way that caught his eye, and then posting them to his blog, with comments on his  best finds.

Yvan Rodic, the photographer and creative behind the Facehunter blog, gives the reader a window into the edgier side of street style. His many unique moments of inspiration direct from the pavement are the kind that startle, excite, calm and allow the world of fashion to be a lot easier to reach than we ever anticipated. Gone are the days where designers on the other side of the world from London or Germany had to wait 6 weeks for Vogue to sail out on a ship! Instantly we are transported to the streets where Rodic shoots, with the permission of the subject, quick, seductive and authentic imagery for our minds’ delight.

Unique, out there and definitely a celebration of our distinct, exceptional creativity, street style is a now major force in the way we present ourselves. Long Live Street Style!

Are you street stylin’ – if not check out our monthly Street Stylin’ pages?


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