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Men’s Mustache Apparel for #Movember

We’re still hyped about fund-raising for #movember and tripped across these cool pieces that bring awareness to the cause.

In an effort to help change the face of men’s health, by partnering with the Movember foundation, these companies are getting people talking and encourage them to ask, “What is Movember all about”, and more importantly “How can I get involved?”

maurice l watch mo

For the second consecutive year, the progressive Swiss luxury watchmaker Maurice Lacroix will support leading men’s health charity, Movember. Recognized for its innovative and forward thinking campaigns, the brand will create an extensive network of Mo’rice Lacroix teams all around the world with its ambassadors leading the way and spreading the good word. Or you can buy one of these great watches!

TOMS Shoes – Adding Stylish Footwear to Movember Apparel

toms mustache shoes

TOMS proudly supports the Movember efforts by designing unique footwear that they will have available through their website.  TOMS describes the two available styles as both classic and “ruggedly regal”.  They both boast the recognizable mustache emblem and are the perfect complement to other Movember apparel, completing your look as both chic and a proud declaration of your support of such a worthy cause.  TOMS is donating the proceeds of their Movember merchandise directly to the cause in an effort to make a difference in the health of men across the globe.

Fuzzy Ink Tees – Uniquely Inspired Movember Shirts

fuzzy ink t men

Inspired by the Movember movement, Fuzzy Ink is offering 4 new tee styles, designed for both “Mo Bros” and Mo Sistas” to proudly display their support.  The new designs include a shirt that dares others to “ask me about my mustache” – opening the doors to discuss the Movember movement and further awareness and education about the important causes it supports.  They’re also offering other fun mustache-inspired Movember merchandise like mustache cookie cutters.  Whatever item you choose, Fuzzy Ink will donate $5 directly to Movember.

Palmer Cash – Mustache Merchandise that’s All about Movember

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 2.57.48 PM

If it’s unique “mustache awareness” apparel you’re after, look no further than PalmerCash.  As the company proudly proclaims on their website, “Moustaches are not to be looked down upon and taken aback by. They deserve the same love and respect that all facial hair is afforded.”  Supporters around the world are encouraged to sport the real thing by growing their own ‘stache or purchase and wear clothing and accessories, such as the Movember shirts offered by Palmer Cash, who is donating $10 from the sale of each “Mo” tee to support this important cause.

Demitasse Mustache Necklace

demitasse mustache

In an effort to show their support of important men’s health issues, Demitasse has agreed to donate $8 of every sale of Urban Demistache necklaces purchased through the Demitasse website to Movember, a worldwide movement aimed at raising awareness and support of prostate and other male cancer initiatives.  The Demitasse jewelry makes a fantastic accessory on its own or as a complement to other Movember apparel.


Ride on, sir! With a Mo on your upper lip and a perfectly fitted Mo Cycling Kit, you are set to explore the countryside in style on your two-wheeled adventure machine.


Threadless challenged designers to create a t-shirt design for Movember around the theme of Moustaches in the Wild. Think chopping wood, wrestling bears, building log cabins with your bare hands, and the like. The chosen tee will is sold on Threadless, and 25% of the sale of each tee will benefit Movember.

And Moustache Stuff we think is cool….

mo freedy duo


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