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Men jump on the Beauty Bandwagon

‘Maybe she’s born with it’, ‘Easy, Breezy, Beautiful’, ‘Because You’re Worth It’ – Over the years, these cosmetic taglines have become extremely well-known due in part to the A-list celebrity talent that represents each brand.

Cosmetic endorsements have become the coveted partnership among female actresses in Hollywood.  Traditionally, the beauty industry has focused most of its efforts on women, but within the past year alone, advertising for men’s personal care lines has skyrocketed due to the growing potential of the male beauty trend. All over the country, men are becoming more beauty conscious and are unafraid to let their meterosexual side shine through. As the boundaries begin to blur within the beauty industry, marketers are working to shift their attention to the growing male audience for what looks to be the biggest year for male beauty products that the industry has ever seen.

A recent report by Global Industry Analysts predicts that the world market for men’s grooming products is projected to exceed $33.2 billion by the year 2015. The men’s grooming market has expanded significantly from the traditional shaving products and deodorants and now encompasses other categories including skincare, hair care and bath products. Because of this, leading beauty brands and manufacturers have reorganized their marketing initiatives to capture the growing male market. Proctor & Gamble recently negotiated a partnership with Texas based supermarket, H-E-B, to create a new men’s personal care section. Unilever has made men the focus of their biggest 2010 product launch for Dove Men, claiming that there is a $700 million opportunity to increase the men’s personal care market. Whether through promoting masculinity or utilizing celebrity endorsements, beauty brands are jumping at the opportunity to gain awareness and increase sales within the male market.

Here are some of the male celebrities and athletes who are proving that personal care products aren’t just for the girls anymore:

Drew Brees and Dove Men: Brees was announced the first spokesperson for Dove Men back in February. Brees helped Dove Men launch their new product immediately after the 2010 Super Bowl where he starred in a “Victory Shower” commercial and posed for print advertisements.

Patrick Dempsey and Chris Noth for L’Oreal Men: Both Dempsey and Noth will be using their charm to promote some of L’Oreal for Men’s new products. Dempsey was featured in a North American ad campaign for L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert new hydra sensitive line of gentle skincare products. As an avid user of the L’Oreal Men’s products, Sex and the City actor Noth has become the new face of L’Oreal Biotherm Home anti-aging skin product.

Kelly Bires, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (JR Motorsports) and Suave Men:  Just this month, Suave Men announced their partnership with Earnhardt’s JR Motorsports and driver Bires. Suave Men will be sponsoring a head to head challenge, donating the winnings to Earnhardt’s foundation. Suave Men will also become Bires primary sponsor.

As the men’s beauty trend continues to rise, don’t be surprised to begin to see some of your favorite male actors and athletes confess their loyalty to their favorite beauty brand.

From: First Call Blog – – April 8th, 2010


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