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MEN! Here’s how to wear denim …

We’ve been featuring quite a few style collections this year and that’s because we’re very aware (through comments, feedback and sheer volume of visits to, just how many men out there are hungry for resource on how to dress and look their best at all times. We’re trying to empower them with tips to help them look their very best – from the boardroom to the street, formal to casual, suits to denim.

Why? We’ve been witness to too many ‘denim disasters’ on men recently and we just want to give you strong, hardcore dudes a few secrets to rockin’ this look.

So, being stylish in denim is all about throwing on a pair of jeans, right?


Many dudes forget that it takes just an extra thought – just 5 more minutes before you leave the house, to work in a few key accessories that’ll pull together your individual look and deliver the most amazing outfit.

Style is not just about the piece of clothing, but how well you match it together with other garments in your wardrobe. It’s about mixing, matching and experimenting (even if you’re over the age of 30), and more importantly, your mind-set in that ‘look’ i.e. confident, relaxed, sans try hard.

The key is in picking a few accessories to seriously enhance that laid-back, “I just threw this on” effect. In 2011, those items are:

1/ A jacket with ‘tude – preferably military or one with embellishments – large buttons, different sized lapels, mixed fabrics, unique stitching etc. 1 x a black leather jacket is a MUST HAVE! For more on how to pick the right leather jacket, see our ‘Best Leather Jacket for you’ Post.

2/ Military boots in winter, or slip on shoes – no laces – for summer (as per the 2011 trends)

3/ A ‘grungy’, distressed sweater or pullover for winter

4/ A checked shirt

5/ A fitted T

6/ A gazillion scarves (YES! Real men DO wear scarves … in winter!)

How to pull it together …

Make sure your jeans fit you well. Our ‘Best Jeans for Men‘ post goes into more detail about how to pick the best cut of jean to suit your body type. As a rule of thumb though this season,  go for straight-leg jeans rather than skinnies – they’re OUT and way too metro, which is now retro-uncool.

Next, pull on a T, then pile on another T of a different colour, or a check shirt.  Then layer that with a jacket and scarf, or scarf only depending on the temperature. If you’re daring, tie a sweater or large scarf round your waist to add to the layered effect. Finish off with a military-style overcoat or parka.


In winter opt for darker denim to pair with your boots and jackets. When it’s cold, the hottest style pick is the bootleg cut in dark denim or black, as it’s easy to pair with your favourite boots, and jacket. Summer calls for lighter shades of denim and in this year, you’re are sure to find something perfect plus we’re seeing a lot of baby blue and acid wash denim doing the rounds.

Double Denim?

Although it might not be for everyone, the double denim trend, that was a sure hit in the 90’s, is back in full swing this season as many brands look to the past decades for influence.The big contenders leading the double denim trend this season are labels like Ksubi, with a collection heaving with acid wash.

All the featured denim looks in this article are from fashion power house Balmain, who create denim pieces that look great but WARNING: they cost a small fortune. Many celebrities have jumped on the Balmain circuit, coveting their distressed, shredded jeans and military style denim jackets. Last year Balmain released a pair of black crystal embellished Ankh denim jeans, priced online at AUD $7,583.00.

The thing is you don’t have to pay premium to look premium in denim. How?

Buy from stores and brands like cult denim label Ksubi, H&M, Levi’s, Diesel, G-Star, True Religion, Rock & Republic and Cheap Monday, who each produce a wide range of shades and styles to cover every taste.

In Australia, they’re chain stores like Just Jeans, Jeanswest, General Pants, etc who offer a great range of styles for great prices.

Gents, there’s no excuse now for you to walk around looking like the victim of a denim debacle. Wear your jeans confidently, don’t be afraid to mix it up, and carry yourself with a confident, chillaxed, masculine sense of who you are, and you’ll definitely be classed as a JEAN-IUS!


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