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M.J. Bale and AIME create Suits for Suits

The project forms part of AIME’s response to the environmental crisis and focuses on breathing new life into dead stock or leftover fabric by creatively reworking the pieces into works of art.

Following last year’s collaboration, M.J. Bale has this year donated 14 suits to AIME which formed the canvas for some of Australia’s emerging artists to transform.

Speaking on the partnership, M.J. Bale founder Matt Jensen said that the business is thrilled to be collaborating with AIME again.

“It’s an honour for M.J. Bale to work again with AIME, an organisation transforming the lives of not just First Nation kids, but marginalised children worldwide.

“Textile waste and toxic landfill is a huge challenge facing our generation and the generations to come, and this project with AIME hopefully shines a spotlight on the opportunity we have to not just reuse and recycle, but use our collective imagination to reclaim the future,” he said.

The renewed partnership between the two businesses comes as AIME celebrates the first anniversary of its broader ReclAIMEd initiative.

Bronwyn Beecroft

ReclAIMEd is AIME’s overarching response to the environmental crisis and the 100 billion pieces of clothing that are made every year for just seven billion people.

With no brief and no rules, artists in the Suits for Suits initiative customised, dyed, embellished, painted and printed the suits to their heart’s content.

Artists featured in the campaign include the likes of international artist and Bundjalung woman, Bronwyn Bancroft, along with Georgia Hill and Dan Single (Ksubi co-founder and AIME creative director).

“Suits for suits is about us building bridges from a traditional corporate symbol to open the doors for kids around the world to see through the world of imagination, and what is possible,” AIME founder Jack Manning Bancroft added.

Additionally, M.J. Bale has also tapped two AIME students to design limited edition t-shirts and pocket squares for its summer 2020 collection, which will be available at M.J. Bale stores nationally in early December.

Further, M.J. Bale is also set to launch its AIME x M.J. Bale ‘hoodie jackets’ in mid-November.

The woollen suit jackets, designed by Dan Single, have been constructed with an AIME hood, ribbing and cuffs and will be available from the AIME shop, with 100% of proceeds going to AIME.

Meanwhile, the reimagined suits in the Suits for Suits campaign are currently up for auction with the funds going towards AIME.

The auction closes on November 30 at 7pm.


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