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Looking for your dream girl? Be a dream Man!

In a world gone mad, the woman of your dreams is hard to find, and when you do, she’s worth far more than diamonds.

Today, dating and relationships are a potential minefield and trying to find someone sane, fun and with whom you have great chemistry is hard yakka work and you could be tempted to give up after a few disappointments. Don’t lose heart though; there ARE a few things that can help boost your chances of finding a great lady and a lot of it is about meeting your own and your potential partner’s expectations.

However, if those expectations are out of whack (i.e. expecting your potential partner to be a dream, yet being a nightmare yourself!!), what ends up happening is that someone, who with a few life tweaks would be in a great relationship, keeps missing the mark.

Woman-dream girl

Here’s how to recognize a truly gorgeous gal when she walks by your way i.e. the (not finite) expectations you should have for your dream girl.

  1. She’s classy sexy cool.

  2. She laughs from the depth of her soul and her smile lights up the room every time she walks through the door.

  3. She’s a genuine and caring, sexy girl as a friend, girlfriend and eventually lover. She blows your mind and you know you’ll enjoy a lifetime of mind-blowing sex with her.

  4. She’s happy with or without you and you’re delirious about the fact that you’re not responsible for her happiness.

  5. She’s a great friend, wife, mother and people often speak highly of her.

  6. She’s no doormat – she’s got standards and holds you, herself, and others up to them.

  7. She’s intelligent, speaks her mind, hates gossip, is a great conversationalist and has no problem laughing at life.

  8. She values education, and can take care of herself i.e. she’s not after clearing your bank balance but helping you build it.

  9. She’s never spiteful to you and she treats you generously.

  10. She’s a homemaker, yet she’s a kick-ass ‘bring-the-home-the-bacon’ organised, disciplined kinda lady.

  11. She knows the worth of her work, and is in no hurry to call it quits – she’s ambitious and driven, yet she doesn’t obsess about keeping up with the Joneses and getting you to pay for it.

  12. She’s quick to assist anyone in need and reaches out to help the poor.

  13. She’s always dressed exquisitely in well-made and elegant clothes (and shoes!) and takes care of her health and fitness.

  14. When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly.

  15. Most importantly, she loves you and tells you so.


Ah … but dude, a beautiful woman is also looking for a wonderful guy. You COULD become the dream man for your ultimate lady! Here’s how (according to a few great chics we spoke to indepth):

  1. You value and respect yourself and others.

  2. You’re generous, kind, consistent.

  3. You’re a man’s man with initiative (comfortable with taking the lead).

  4. You’re intelligent enough to know that chemistry is not equivalent (but is a prelude) to mind blowing sex (i.e. blow her mind first).

  5. You value education, hard work, saving, investing and building a great life with a fantastic woman, and have no problem with self-drive, ambition and success.

  6. You take care of yourself, dress well and constantly improving the amazing man you are (and expect the same from her!)

  7. You don’t mind a lady with her own mind, who’s not perfect by any means, but has interests, friends and a great life of her own.

  8. You’re straight up, honest and real about who you are & ready to meet her halfway.

  9. You’re a warrior whose fought his battles well and is now quietly at peace with your lot in life.

  10. And, you have a wide range of interests and hobbies and a life of your own.

So… if you’re already living a great life and looking to share it with a happy, fun, content & classy woman … then hey, soldier, the woman of your dreams is so close, you could touch her!

HOWEVER here’s the no-so-great bit … trust us … you’ll be her nightmare if:

  1. You’re jobless, tired, weary of life, old-at-heart, down on yourself or worse still have little or no purpose in life.

  2. You throw pity parties for your self-esteem 3 or 4 times a week and expect her to bring a bottle of ‘Ego Boost’ along.

  3. Infidelity is a great itch you’ve got to keep scratching.

  4. Your best mates name is Marlboro/Winfield, Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker.

  5. You’re after perfection, (first take a good, hard look at yourself first – yeah … not perfect, huh?).

  6. You don’t respect yourself and your body enough to keep it healthy and fit.

  7. You don’t have a healthy opinion for the man you are – you think you’re a loser and self-confidence is something you fight with every day.

  8. You’re crude, rude and lewd and think swear words are the best inventions of the English language (& commitment, faithfulness and love should be banned from it) and you treat women (and men, waiters, employees and people unlike yourself) like crap.

  9. You consistently rock up late to meetings, dates and life.

  10. You have no faith in yourself, life, friends, family, God, you’re scared of intimacy and can’t laugh at yourself or life.

But … if you’re ready and a great guy, then she’ll be ready … and you’ll soon be a very happy, satisfied and loved man.

However, if you’re doubting your ‘dream man’ status, we STRONGLY encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, slide off the couch and improve your bod, ‘tude and prospects. Rise up dude! Love yourself man! With life and love, you only get what you put into it. Swagger!!


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