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Let’s talk about Sex-eee-ness…Gents!

We’re never ready for that electable feeling of manliness that can creep into our groins when traipsing home from the boxing ring in sweaty Lonsdale’s and smelling not far from an abattoir. But you’re feeling good. Damn Good.

And we’re never expecting the moment when you’ve fully serviced yourself in the shower, sung few tunes of Sinatra or T.I. in the foggy mirror before towelling yourself off like you’re whipping numchucks around your body like your 5pm Ninjitsu class. You hear that Dolce and Gabanna suit calling your name in the next room so you mince on in, as if it’s to be greeted by the girl of your dreams cascading down your pillows. But once dressed, you feel like a garbage bag of beer bottles.

So what is it!


Blame hair loss, even bad lighting – nothing can prepare you for this cruel dichotomy. And what’s even crueller is – Men who possess an innate manliness tend to do the least worrying about how they measure up to the very mystery of sexiness.

So let’s firstly establish one thing – Sexiness has nothing to do with Sex. It’s inextricably linked to sex as a concept but totally separate from the act. Yes fellas, we’ve all head it before, feeling sexy is a state of mind and sex starts in the brain. If you can get into her head – it’s done and dusted. But let’s get back to you.


Despite the preoccupation with sexiness; it gracefully transcends age. You may be feeling threatened by those Gen-Y’s with their uber-cool ‘off the clock’ magnetic pull of every 25 year old kitten that you’ve got your eyes on, but fear not my friend, sexiness has a lot to do with posture, voice intonations, dress code, smell, dimensions of your ‘Guns’ and owning yourself, more than you think. It’s about being at home in your skin and having a healthy dose of Ego (not one that you park in your garage every night).

So, if you’re wanting to hear more about sexiness, how to attract a women through your style, your dress, your tone of voice; we’ve got the e-book for you!



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