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Kanye West Rocks Denim!

Denim Locked Down

Denim Locked Down

Denim is quite simply the most universal fabric of all time. And the innovation around it today, with great speed to market, allows your guys to pick and choose what you like. But are you choice fatigued yet?

There are literally thousands of great brands and labels out there; blackened and blue denim; colour washes, neutralised palettes, sustainable fabrics, power stretches and stitch detail. It’s an enormous range to comprehend.

However you can pick up great jeans at the $100 to $200 mark; just remember to pick a great fit for your hips and NO sagging beltlines gents – it’s sad, bad and shady.

Our pick brand; All in One, who’re starting to use metallic threads in the detail and quite frankly, if you’re going to be paying US$400 for a pair of jeans, make sure people know they are liquid gold!

WORD! Rumour has it Kanye West recently met up with bosses of clothing firm Religion in Shoreditch, to possibly launch his own line of credible, yet prestigious, denim designs. Religion has developed as a trendy label among celebs and Kate Moss and Sarah Harding are big fans of the line. Can’t wait to see the man with the golden voice try his hand at Jeans Locked Down.


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