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Jaguar Steps it up in Style

When something stylish and sexy passes me in the street it is ingrained in my DNA for my pupils to dilate, hairs to stand on end and all extraneous distractions rendered oblivious. Case in point; her body was slim and sculpted. I could tell she lived a fast lifestyle, almost knocking me off my feet as she purred past me. This beautifully designed piece of perfection oozed a youthful, captivating freshness. She was no Cougar; she was a Jaguar.

It would be fair to say traditionally Jaguar has held a reputation for making luxury vehicles tailed toward the older, wealthy Englishman. Jeeves was able to comfortably drive the master of the manor to his mates Castle up the road for the annual foxhunt.  Thankfully this perception is rapidly changing, largely as a consequence of Jaguar design director Ian Callum. Since 2008 Callum has steered Jaguar’s design in a new cool and edgy direction.  Callum has an impeccable track record with design, responsible for some mouth-watering Aston Martin models (DB7, Vanquish, Vantage), design programs for Volvo, Mazda and HSV as well as other impressive recent Jaguar models (XF and XK).


Callum’s latest triumph, the F-Type is Jaguar’s most recent release.  The F-Type is a stunning mix of performance, cutting edge technology and meticulous design. The F-Type (2013) hair blowing convertible version was unveiled in London in 2012. For those who desire the sexy look but are content with fewer grunts, the entry level F-Type uses a 3.0-litre supercharged engine. However for those power hungry enthusiasts who obsess in counting the number of horses under the hood, the top of the range (V8 S, 5.0-litre) has more horses than a John Wayne movie marathon.


Another alluring feature of this car is the generous level of customisation. There is a plethora of accessories and options available, all of which can be configured online to your hearts content. With options ranging from a choice of car body and roof colours, brakes and callipers, wheels and numerous other exterior and interior packs, the buyer can create the look and feel to not only satisfy their tastes but also create a creature of envy to all salivating onlookers.

F-Type 2014-black

In the past I’ve voiced conflicting views on various convertible car designs. In this instance conflict is non-existent. The F-Type is on top of my garage wish list.

Perhaps the greatest challenger for this garage spot is the F-Type coup version unveiled late 2013 in Los Angeles and is expected to go on sale in spring 2014. It has the same choice of engines as the convertible, however will include a kick arse higher performance V8 R model (more horses). One can justify a Cape Canaveral countdown before pressing the start button on this pocket rocket. I’ve yet to experience the coup in person, however the teaser images are giving me palpitations. The white model with black glass roof…hot! I can’t wait to see it.


Thank you Ian Callum and Jaguar.



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