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Italy’s MSGM Milan Fashion Week Edition

MSMG's brilliant use of knit patternmaking and colour palette.

The history of MSGM begins with the following imperative: never look back. The future is here, ahead of us. Fashion, as a consequence, is today. Maybe tomorrow. Surely not yesterday. Fashion has to be found between the invisible lines of the Internet, in the looks of the new generations on Facebook, in the thousands of applications of an iPhone, in the millions of songs to download on iTunes, in the countless Youtube videos, in the deepest thoughts of the teenagers who enter a nightclub, within the white walls of contemporary art galleries and on the pages of the most controversial bloggers, always full of writings.

MSMG's layering exceptionally done in taupe.

MSGM is an acronym which stands for the initials of two Italian men in their thirties: Massimo Giorgetti – a designer who worked as head designer for many different brands – and another creative designer who prefers to stay behind the scenes. Oh, we’re intrigued!

A masculine use of light colours ~ taupe, grey and blacks.

The state of being contemporary has always been the soul of the brand since its very beginning – the new tendencies of indie music and contemporary art as well as the kaleidoscopic aesthetic and artistic expression of creative connected to internet. Even when it comes to final customer MSGM does not want to follow the age scheme but focus instead on their expression, creativity and contemporary state of being. MSP dig the boldness of this young team of fashion entrepreneurs and the deliverance of its collections. It all makes perfect sense.

Enormous contrast to the rest of the collection but works stunningly.

MSGM means colour, corporality and contemporaneity. Colour is a sort of declaration of war against economic crisis, fear and standardization. It is another way to assert one’s own personality, to leave one’s mark, to narrate – with clothes – what novels tell us with words.

The body is the main pillar of the collection. Each piece of clothing revolves around it, while defining its shoulders and silhouette. Body-building mania? Not at all. It has to do with the culture of physicality, skin, and dynamism. Finally, contemporaneity is the benchmark, the rouge that unites jackets, trousers, shirts and T-shirts in a path where the present, today’s people and their needs are a prerequisite. A road that looks ahead, that’s it! It never looks back.

Dotted shirts are normally risky for men; here, perfect.

Nothing like a familiar wooly cardi....

Casual stylin' to elude comfort, sexiness and Italian cool factor.

An excellent use of Greys opposed to Blacks for AW2012.


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