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IKEA and eSports are making customised chairs for your rear end

June 2018 saw IKEA partner with esports firm Area Academy and 3D-printing medical company Unyq to develop a prototype ultra-customized gaming chair. To make the chair a scan is taken of the user’s bottom, and then a cushion is 3D-printed to conform perfectly to the contours of the individual’s body. IKEA intends to commercialize the chair and the 3D scanning service by 2020.

It will allow gamers to scan their body and create furniture customized to their form.

gamers butt chair

Guys, seriously? IKEA are taking 3D scans of people’s butts now? In fact, there’s some serious strategic thinking behind (sorry) this innovation. Video gaming is now a 2.3 billion player, USD 137 billion dollar industry, and esports are shifting into the mainstream.

Area Academy’s CEO, who is a former Counter-Strike player and cofounder of eSports team organisation ‘Ninjas in Pyjamas’ announced.

Unyq will enable gamers to scan their body and create furniture customized to their form.
“I spent several years sitting on a kitchen chair when I started playing and it was not very good. The furniture is a big part of everyday life for an esports player and using the wrong furniture can damage both your back and your posture.”

Area Academy uses esports as an educational tool in some of its programs. Using its esports connections, the company has organized a panel of esports athletes and gamers to advise Ikea’s design team.

gamers butt chair 2

After thoughts – We think the reason why gamers have bad backs and posture, is because they are quite frankly,  re-shaping their bodies to that which bodies are not designed for. Human Bodies are made for physical activity so that the adrenaline, blood flow and oxygen can pump through them. Just like a Formula One Drivers, he/she will have an insane fitness regime, outside of sitting in a car for a gruelling 55 laps. Should there be something similar for our eSport Gamers?

How about a tailored eSports/Gamers fitness regime. We love that!


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