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How to get out of the friend zone with women

You’ve met the woman of your dreams and the inevitable has happened. You left it too long to make a move and now you have entered the friend zone. You can’t believe it, she is everything and more you have ever wanted.

Can you make the transition from the friend zone to the relationship zone? Of course you can. I’m not saying it is going to be easy but it is possible. So listen up!

Let’s start with how you got into the Friend Zone in the first place…

Well Mr, quite frankly you waited too long to make a move. It’s true there is a fine line when it comes to timing. Move too fast and she may run away, too slow, and she starts to see you as the sweet guy, you know, kind of like a brother.

Why did you wait so long?

Isn’t it obvious? Fear of course! You were afraid of making the move, what if she rejects you? Only problem is the longer you waited the more solid the friendship zone, the more anxiety built up, the less likely you would make a move… it’s a vicious circle.

How to enter the R Zone…

Women love what they can’t have. Think about it –  have you ever seen women at a Department Store sale? Limited stock – so many women. Competition is fierce! It’s crazy; they play tug of war over a pair of jeans! How can you be that pair of jeans? Answer: Make her think she is going to lose you. Yes that is right! Take focus off her and more on you, make yourself less available to her. If she has told you “I just want to be friends”, show her that is okay. Be confident, women love a confident man and research shows it’s the number one turn on.

Note from Stig: Watch these movies, ‘Hitch’ and ‘Sexy Crazy Love’….

Start talking about another woman you’re interested in…

Call it healthy competition. Sounds crazy I know but if she thinks another woman is going to steal you away, she will realize you are a catch. (Think back to the jeans! Limited supplies = increase demand).

Sexify yourself!

Be the man she wants you to be! Get a makeover! Buy some new clothes, especially the styles you know she likes, hit the gym, get a new hair style, tan, new interests. Women love a man that gets all hot and sweaty; try a martial art, footy, or a water sport. Not only will you feel incredible, it will spike her interest, you are no longer the needy available guy but someone she may have to seduce.

Flirt and emphasize your sexuality…

Buy a new fragrance, women LOVE a good smell it is such an aphrodisiac. Spray a little over your neck prior to seeing her, be cheeky and ask her to smell it see what she thinks. It’s your opportunity to get close without actually touching. It’s very thought provoking in a woman’s mind. And a woman’s mind can lead to very seductive things. Women get turned on psychologically, where men get turned on physically. Get into her head!

If you’ve been working out, cheekily ask her to feel your bicep…

Have fun, a few laughs with her – then leave. Cut your time you spend with her in half and always have a plan afterwards, some exciting new adventure you are rushing off to; rock climbing, gym, sport, pub to see mates. Make her miss your company and watch the dynamic slowly change.

When it feels right, make a move!

Watch for her signals. Now if that doesn’t get you out of the relationship zone, nothing will! And if you can see she’s not responding to any of the above, move on to someone that will appreciate you. You will now be prepped and polished for a new lady! Just don’t wait too long to make a move! Exciting times ahead Gents!

About the Author:

Miss Samantha Jayne – our Relationship Guru!

We’ve searched high and low for a sassy and intelligent woman to give us Gents some advice on women… And why wouldn’t we want to have a woman as a relationship adviser…we’re dating them aren’t we?

So we’ve found her!

Samantha Jayne is a professional match maker and the founder and Director of Australia’s exclusive dating agency “Blue Label Life” which assists busy professional singles looking for love, offering a personalized service, compatibility tests and the ever flowing hot topic of dating tips.

Samantha is THE expert in rescuing professional singles looking for love – “Blue Label Life” boasts an incredible  92% success rate in establishing long term relationships.

Samantha regularly appears on talkback radio, television and several advice columns offering relationship advice to the nation!

She discovered here natural flare for match making early on as she worked her magic with a number of her friends and colleagues, which motivated her to establish the exclusive agency “Blue Label Life” in 2005 which now confidentially allows high profile men and women to extend their network and meet eligible singles without jeopardizing their privacy.

Samantha brings a fresh and honest approach to the world of dating advice, “When it comes to Love, be open, positive and expect the unexpected”.

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About the company: Blue Label Life offers a personalized and confidential dating service for successful time poor singles wanting to meet ‘the one.’ Setting them apart from other dating services, the exclusive Dr Glen Wilson’s CQ compatibility testing predicts the outcome of relationships once the honeymoon period is over. The company offers a holistic approach including personal styling, fitness advice and personal coaching. Most of Blue Label’s members know what they want and are happy to move forward and celebrate their love with an engagement within 6 months of meeting each other.


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