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How to Dress Like A French Man

How to dress like a french man8

When we talk about the IT factor, many a Gent’s chest tightens up in panic. What is this mysterious sense of self? We see celebrities who are graced with it, we see businessmen who flaunt it and we see many of our lady friends strut because they know they have it.

The French call it, je ne sais quoi. That means, “a quality that cannot be described or named easily.”

The IT factor is a sense of style about oneself that encompasses your physical emotional and ambitious being. It’s about the clothes you wear, the manners you have, your grasp on life’s principles and morals, how comfortable you feel in your skin and those elements become in the composition of ‘coolness’.

So in saying that, I feel like it highly appropriate to talk about the alluring French men. Not necessarily about the obvious, which is their ability to walk with a sense of sexiness – but more about how they dress.

I would imagine the French man, starts his supreme climb to utter coolness by the way he wakes up. He sleeps naked in 1000 thread cotton sheets. His shower would be a ritual of various fragranced body washes, beard washes (if that’s his thing) shampoo’d hair to perfection and a face scrub. His grooming encompasses skincare to keep his face smooth and unblemished after shaving, deodorant and very well selected cologne. All this while downing black coffee and a croissant listening to Gotan Project.

How to dress like a french man12

His selection of attire would be far more slender than that of the USA or Australia. And skinny jeans wouldn’t make the French man turn on his heels and dart in the opposite direction. His thoughts go into his minimal colours, lots of layers and ultimately how he feels in the clothes he wears.


The French love denim yes, but the elegance of the Parisian tribe call for more sophistication so they balance it out with trousers. They are comfortable, and in black, blue or washed-out deep grey.

Long Sleeved shirts

The French have a love affair with the long sleeved crisp white dress shirt, open to the chest plate and decorated with a loose neckerchief. The cuffs are turned up, and the shirt is tucked into the jeans or trousers.

Sharpen up in a suit

Black suit jackets that perfectly frame the white shirt are a must. Yet the French man also has lighter colours in his closet. Even a double-breasted re-tailored is a sure sign of coolness. The jackets are neither too skinny nor too voluminous.


Yep, the French gent is happy to do the ‘man-bag’ to keep their silhouettes from bulging out at the pockets. Don’t be afraid of seeking out the perfect man-bag or satchel for your everyday wear.

French Sole Mates

The shoe is the true indicator of a man’s taste. Experiment with unique textures such as pony skin, skins and suede. Find your personal perfection in the shape of an oxford, monk, slipper, loafer and of course the designer sneaker. Go Valentino – all the way.

Accessorise per your Archetype

We love it when a guy truly gets his archetype. This includes the poet, lover, warrior, king, priest-head, hero and the hunter to name a few. Once you understand the true self within by getting your lifestyle, personality and character, it is so much easier and delightful to work with your personal style. Take for example the poet; he’s be wearing accessories like, glasses frames, fragranced pocket square, a Mont Black pen in his breast pocket, a mole skin in his back pocket and a rose lapel pin in his jacket.

Sock it to me baby

Get inventive with your socks. Black is for corporates and since we’re talking about personal style here and adapting the French favourites to your lifestyle, get happy with the feet. They don’t need to be crazy colours but definitely look at some cool patterns.

Rediscover Loungewear

Oh yes, kick back with a whisky and a pair of silk pyjamas. Cotton or velvet is acceptable also. Go super cheeky with a pair that are monogrammed with your initials.

How to dress like a french man13


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