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Hot Men’s Hair Style Trends Straight off the Runway


Calvin Klein 2014/5 Hair Trends: Slick!

Our good friend AND BRILLIANT hair stylist Marc Armstrong observed the new men’s hair trends from the various designer runways in London Collections Men, Pitti Uomo, Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Marc, exclusively from London is an edgy, cool, precise, individual and always on trend. He’s charming, extremely professional, talented and always dresses to impress. MenStylePower dig him!

Marc is the resident Creative Director of RAW Anthony Nader: Whilst every one of their clients receive the royal treatment, their high standards and attention to detail has made them the preferred salon of choice for many Australian and international celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Danni Minogue, Gisele Bundchen, Hugh Jackman, Lily Cole, Margherita Missoni, Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie.

Each gentleman has a unique crown. Yup that twist and curve from the centre tip of your skull. And of course, it would take the knowledge of a stylist, not a buzz-cutter (unless you’re getting a tattoo inspired design on your scalp by a pro), to get these looks perfect!

Marc talks through how you can do this at home. Wicked!

Calvin Klein 2014 Campaign for Obsession, has the hair trend work across both runway and campaign.

Calvin Klein 2014 Campaign for Obsession, has the hair trend work across both runway and campaign.

Calvin Klein

This cut was the most popular on the Italian shores, here are a few easy steps to achieve that look.

1: On freshly washed hair spray in a health amount of KMS Sea Salt spray. Sea salt sprays give you a texture to build a good foundation on.

2: This hair style is polished and groomed so you will need to find your natural parting. Comb back your hair with the thick end of your comb above the peak of your eye brow and slightly push down until the hair splits.

3: Blow dry your hair back and to the side off your face in to a shape that looks runway worthy.

4: Gently apply a pomade to your hands getting full coverage on your palms and brush through your hair to create a glossy finish. You may use a comb to make sure you have evenly distributed the product and achieved separation.


Calvin Klein 2014/5 Hair Trends: Slick!


Queen of Punk Fashion, Westwood – Ah, not fussed on the clothing Viv, but dig the hair!


1: This hair style broke out of the slick mad men mold and kept true to her punk care free feel.

2: Shampoo your hair with a texture shampoo that is free of oils and a light leave in conditioning spray.

3: Spray a sea salt pray through the hair 10-15 times whilst twisting your hair around your finger this product has a great gritty finish that you add to wet hair.

4: Once your hair is drying either naturally or with help from a defuser don’t be afraid to layer your product (put more on) to captivate this dry style. Pull your twisted sections out to disturb them to make it look like you have just woke up!



1: This one is an easy one but must be performed on clean hair to keep your look polished.

2: Blast dry your hair off forward with a hairdryer but still leave it slightly damp before adding any products. This will enable your product to do the work with little styling from yourself.

3: Work a soft wax on to the palms of your hands and apply from the back pushing the sides down and the front forward. A 10c piece should be enough. You can always add more.

4: To get more definition a wide toothed comb can then be used afterwards so it does not look too engraved. Then leave and let nature take its course.


The Missoni Rafa Nadal look. Yep!


1. Cleanse your hair using a clarifying shampoo, as this removes any unwanted product buildup.

2. Dry your hair with towel drying it roughly to create some texture before applying any product. You must make sure that your roots are not disturbed to much or you will get an unwanted halo.

3. Spray a generous amount of sea salt spray over hair, from roots to ends, and rake through with your fingers.

4. Leave to dry scrunching your hair with your hands regularly and until 100% dry.


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