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Hi-Street Cool avec Urban Behavior

In 1989, a dude called Arif Noor opened the first Urban Behavior store in Toronto with one simple goal: to design, produce and sell high-quality and cutting-edge fashion. Has the man accomplished his mission? With 45 stores across Canada, 18 in the United States, and 12 in the Middle East, I’d say so.

Priding itself on relevant, trend-right clothing Urban Behavior has a proven track record for successfully navigating and influencing the youth fashion market. They ‘get’ their customer base so much so In November ’10 they’re sweeping Justin Bieber’s fans into its stores for fan appearances. Talk about stokin’ up and riding Bieber-fever!

Their self-proclaimed not-so-secret to success is producing quick-turning, quality and trend-right merchandise at great value and that’s evidenced in their fall 2010 collection. It’s a little bit edgy, a touch ‘boys becoming men’ and generally a good step before the high end designer price tag.

Check out their dandy gent i.e. polished military garb complete with blazers, drummer jackets and carrot cargos. UB’s printed T’s, batik scarfs and a wide selection of jeans in a variety of washes and styles are their best selling point with prices under $100, making them hi-street affordable.

It’s Designed in the US, Made in Asia approach is a tad iffy, but let’s not be cynical. Let’s give UB the benefit of the doubt and hope that this brand is one of the “does not exploit child and poor labour” good guys.

Going by their price tags, Urban Behavior is a reasonably priced, streetwise label … so if you’re a dude looking for a casual, chillaxed and trendtastic approach style, give them a second look.


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