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Herringbone – A Genteel Australian Tradition

Inspite of the hard yakka image of the Australian male icon i.e. out at pasture, driving horses or shearing wild rams in rugged denimwear and torn shirts, the Australian male style sensibility has over the years embraced the finer, more tailored aspects of menswear.

This is especially evident through in the very genteel designs of Sydney’s Herringbone label. Since it launched with a boutique line of men’s and women’s shirts in 1997, Herringbone has established itself as an iconic Australian brand — celebrated for a classic sartorial style and unwavering commitment to quality.

The label now includes a fully-fledged ready-to-wear collection complete with signature men’s and women’s shirts, tailored suiting, knitwear and an entire range of accessories including silk ties, cufflinks and bags.

Detail is what underpins Herringbone’s fundamental philosophy – evident from the fabrication, such as the Egyptian cotton that is used for shirting, and the technology employed for finishes, in the form of chevron collars, contrasting side gussets, patterned trims, as well as the French, bell, chiseled and three button cuffs. Additionally, clientele can personalise all of these through Herringbone’s prestigious bespoke tailoring service.

Herringbone’s choice of colours defies any rainbow’s offerings – hot oranges and sublime purples that make the humble pink shirt look like the non-arrival at a wild party. Their Galileo Print Shirts will suit the party animal in you, their Antigua Check Slim Fit Shirt is divine and please don’t walk past their wild green Oldham V-Neck Cotton Knit Sweater. However if you’re leaning towards conservative, then the original Herringbone Weave and Strait Stripe Tailored Fit Shirts in blues and aqua, are for you.

What we loved about Herringbone is their education on the fundamentals on shirt design. It’s these details that distinguish a regular old shirt from the Herringbone tradition. Read, learn and absorb, so the next time you’re in a store wondering how to pick your next, best shirt for work or a grand occasion, you have these great style tips at hand.

Time will only tell whether Herringbone’s recent acquisition by heritage German shirting brand van Laack (128 years of expertise in design and manufacturing) will take the brand to a whole new other level globally. Herringbone has ten stand alone boutiques although their store presence internationally is still minimal but their collections can be found at leading department stores around the world.

And now for the new collection!


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