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Henry Cavill’s Casual Appeal

Give yourself permission to wear a shawl collar jumper. Yep, do it.

Why? Cause Superman wears one. I’m not kidding. Take a look at the images we’ve posted below and tell me it doesn’t look good. GO on I dare ya.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Superman is THE most revered hero in the hearts of men all over the planet. Why him? Why not the Phantom, or Aragon, or Casper the friendly ghost? Because Superman is the epitome of everything good and powerful and of sound mind.

Now back to the clothing:

As we see Men approving of personal styling (and believe me it’s about to turn into an approval wild fire), they’ll start to understand that many gentlemen who are in the public eye have a personal stylist. Yup. And they are paid very very well. The stylist that is. So it’s an advantage to you – our dedicated reader, to take visual note of how these gentlemen dress.

Our much respected Henry Cavill – aka and now, always will be Superman – tends to dress in a smart, cool and sassy casual way. And to be honest, he can pull this look off and be very stylish as he’s got the eight-pack, the guns and the handsomeness to do it.

This look is very simple. It is in fact a Style 101 – urgent necessity – on how a dude should dress to work his sex appeal. A few tips:

  1. Crew neck t-shirts – long and short

  2. Colors – Grey, dark blue, navy, white and black

  3. Brown leather and lambswool bomber jacket

  4. Straight legged jeans (grey, dark denim, white)

  5. Dessert boots (two-tone/ or black pair and a dark brown pair)

  6. Grey speck pea-coat

  7. Single button sports jacket

  8. Shawl collar thick knit jumper

  9. Denim chambray shirt

  10. Notice: no accessories at all. Hmmmm.

Interesting no?

All we care is that Henry does us proud in the Superman stakes, and by the sounds of it – he does. Freakin’ awesome!


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