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Harmattan Design – The Ultimate Man-Bag

Harmattan Design 2

In a saturated world of men’s accessories, one fledgling New York brand is creating a series of men’s bags in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the professional gentleman. The bags, named The Archer, Architect, Gentleman, Dreamer, and Traveler to name a few, are made from the finest Italian leather and nickel hardware. There are absolutely no compromises with these bags with the use of material nor in the thought process behind them.

Harmattan Design uses the thickest A-grade leather sourced and made in Italy, which also means it will last a lifetime and look better year after year. Just like your finest wine.

Harmattan Design4

The hardware on each piece uses simple closing mechanisms with magnetic clip-ons to prevent failure. Polyester thread boot stitches the bags in place and perhaps the most attractive (apart from the outstanding designs) is the team used to manufacture the bags in Italy. They are a team previously worked for the Maison de Valentino, a group accustomed to deliver outstanding quality in the most minute detail.

Harmattan Design5

With a lifetime warranty, the bags also have stylish personalisation. In a world where a brands logo is all about status, Harmattan Design have decided to place your initials on your bag instead. They have designed quality boxes, boxes that you will want to keep and added dust covers. Nothing they send you will be a throw away item and that includes even the label which doubles as a key fob. Each bag has its own serial number so it can be tracked throughout its life and you will have your name or a name of choice inscribed on the interior of the bag.

Harmattan Design6

It’s quite a process isn’t it! And this is why the Kickstarter event has commenced giving you the change to be one of the first in the world to obtain one of these exceptional high grade leather bags designed with the professional gentleman in mind.

We’ll be seeing you, with one of our own special camera bags designed by Harmattan Design over shoulder.

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