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Gracie Opulanza speaks on Men’s Fashion

As part of the daily MenStylePower routine, we frequently scroll through other magnificent menswear blogs. Many favourites are written by Gents, alas, we often come across some of the most transparent and honest articles written by women who have a serious passion in seeing men dress to the best of their ability.

One of them is Gracie Opulanza. Bold, confident and full of zeal to see the men of the globe dress well. Incredibly well. Here’s an exert of one of her posts. We loved it. And we hope you do too…

Why have the majority of men lost the desire to dress up, let alone dress well?

I can confidently say that, my heart is for the man on the high street. Nothing makes me happier than to make a man feel confident in what he is wearing and to look the best he can. In the past, men’s fashion was at the same level as women’s. Sometimes even surpassing it in innovation, as men led the way when it came to style and fashion. It’s time male fashion referred back to the good ol’ glory days; when things weren’t done halfhearted. Men dressed-up as if it were church everyday (good ‘n’ proper), and damn there was no shame in wearing a suit just to spend the day at home.

The Elderly Men

Do you ever notice, that when elderly men go out in public they always wear a suit? They have learnt to give their appearance the utmost respect. The shoes are shined, the pocket watch is ticking and an ever-present spring can be seen in their step. It’s not uncommon to see a mature guy wearing a hat and I find that the accessories can make or break the outfit. I like to take a closer look at the fabrics and the craftsmanship, these two important details can literally bring warmth to my heart. Tom Ford and Savile Row noted last week that high-end male clothing comes down to one thing; detail. There is a thin line between a good detail and a fashion derail – it’s cheesy, I know, but TRUE.

Fashion Today

Today modern technology has provided new fabrics, better environmental conditions (A/C & heating), and less physical exertion than ever before. But the common wardrobe embraced all over the world for some men seems to be; shorts, graphic tee’s, athletic shoes, blue jeans and (dare I say it?) cheap polo shirts. In a lot of cases some holes or stains are present on the items. Even as recently as two days ago some men were very proud to highlight this fashion faux pas to me (this is just ODD). Please note and take inspiration from the men presented, who are dressed well enough to be going to church. What happened to the integrity of male fashion? Were people just a conforming to a different standard 100 years ago? Or did textile state of the art mean that, everyone was wearing stylishly basic, white or dark clothing with little choice in the matter. For the gentlemen who have abandoned any intentions of improving the way they dress; there is no excuse for looking like a slob and not taking the time to look after yourself.

London Collections Men

At London Collections: Men last week, I made a conscious effort to look at what the men behind the scenes were wearing. I’m referring to the photographers, stage managers and hairstylists, etc. It came as no surprise that there were some very sloppy-looking men about. And boy, did I get a reaction when I relayed this thought to one of the photographers attending the event. I simply said that, every time you step out into the public eye, you are representing who you are – I asked him if he could honestly say that he had made an effort today. He lost the plot, swore at me and even went as far as to say that he would sue me if I put his image on Men Style Fashion. I simply believe that if you are attending a world-class fashion event and you turn up looking like a slob – wearing a t-shirt that is too small, jeans that don’t fit properly and shoes that had seen better days centuries ago, but are now just looking like they had witnessed the fall of the roman empire – then there is only one thing holding you back and that is your laziness.

The Peacock

Most people, including me until recently, didn’t know that the most beautiful looking peacocks are actually the male peacocks. So I figure that if God took the time to make the male peacock set the standard of looking beautiful for its own species, then men should learn from this and start thinking about their own appearances. Clothes today are so affordable and the collections now coming out for men can be breath-taking. So, all I can say is that; for those men who hide behind their lame excuses, your days of slack-fashion are numbered and soon you will have to face your demons. When fashion is becoming this easy and accessible, tolerance for laziness is lessening. I think that it is obvious that I love what I do, but I’m so fed up with the amount of men not dressing as well as they could! If I am making an effort to guide you towards a new way of thinking about your wardrobe, it’s up to you to have more respect for yourself and indulge your appearance. You have taken the first amazing step, simply by having read this article – but now it’s time to man-up for the next steps and start honing your inner style goddesses! (Yes, I said goddesses dammit, because fashion deserves to be sassy!)


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