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From Brawlers to Barristers; Joe Black Menswear


The thing we dig about Joe Black, is this Macky Clan sailed form Scotland before New Zealand had electricity or proper sewers! Much like our beloved StigofStyle, we’ve got a chap here who had a definite purpose in life, and used his talents well.

In a frontier settlement both raw and refined, Joe tailored a clientele ranging from brawlers to barristers in garments to service them through life’s landmarks. From seduction to deposition, baptism to wake. With a glance of his eye, Joe could discern the measurement of a man without a tape. And his humour earned him the nickname so enduring few remember how he was called before Black.

The Joe Black suit fit is understated, stylist and anything but trendy – leave that to the stylists. His tailoring is not skinny where you’re suffocating, it’s relaxed. The suits lightly padded shoulders give a more masculine silhouette and a shorter cut jacket gives a modern look. Work will require a two-button suit, for play, the shawl collar tuxedo will pronounce your walk like you’re Joe Black yourself.

Enjoy the winter/14 campaign shoot below….



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