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Fresh Meat; we do-liver.

Consumers will always feel the need for DAILY LUBRICANTS: products that make their lives simpler and easier. Of course, brands will forever be happy to oblige. Moving our focus from fashion for just one moment, the Stylemeister and I, in discussing big men’s clothing, realised that we need to fashion the insides of our bodies as well. We’ve talked a lot about the attitude you need to adapt to be successful. We’ve spoken about the inner man and the return of the ‘gentleman’ and now, let’s talk about issues that will always be at the back of our minds when it comes to our healthy eating habits.

A very high percentage of us, cannot see our naughty bits when we stand on the scales and stare blankly at the double digit number (hopefully) being pointed to by that red coloured needle. Sad but true. We get to a certain age and the waist starts to go. And it doesn’t matter how much exercise we’ve done in the past. How brilliant we were at cricket, footy, soccer or tennis – if we don’t marry food and exercise in a sensible manner, we’re screwed; just like the Hoff!

We’ve been told over and over that 5 servings of vegies and fruits is a must for a healthy strong body. But I’ve spoken to lots of blokes that have said, they don’t like salad, they don’t like zucchini, don’t think much about the soap tasting avocado or the humble banana. So what is the one thing, that blokes do like?… Meat.

Meat. The ultimate protein, is a must. I cannot imagine life without it. Those summer days congregating around the 12 burner BBQ, with 2 metre tongs in hand, blue and white apron carelessly draped around my neck, and a Budweiser, cold and refreshing. Ahhhh, those are the days. And to make things all the most dreamy, check out the latest and greatest butcher you have ever seen in your life!!

Victor Churchill – you are a king! Beef, award winning, world class Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu, Free Range Poultry, Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, New Zealand Venison and Castricum Lamb are all from this fine family butcher. I FIRST sampled Full Blood Wagyu beef at a swanky Japanese restaurant in London (when someone else was footing the bill). The melt-in-your-mouth meat is impossibly tender, thanks to the top-secret techniques used to rear the animals in Japan (bovine massage and a diet of beer are rumoured to be involved). Once you’ve tried it, munching on a slab of Aberdeen Angus is like chewing a carpet tile by comparison. Victor Churchill Butcher is a must see, must try, must buy to impress all that are at your next BBQ.

If you have a question, Victor Churchill has an interative website that answers every and any question that you might have regarding meat. Outstanding! So there’s no need to feel self-conscious if you don’t know your cuts. All of Churchill’s staff are there to help you. Check out this link to the smiling faces of the honest butchers there to assist you if you do go and visit. Dedicated staff members who are out of bed before the sun is up, turning on the lights and filling fridges at Victor Churchill’s with delicious treats and checking on the dry aging meats. All for you! And if that’s not all….once you’ve felt absolute appreciation for your butcher, they will package your Sunday roast pork, with packaging specially imported from Europe to ensure that every cut of meat is treated with the utmost care. You will walk out of that butcher as proud as punch, swinging your custom-made bag full of flesh, like you’re walking out of Gucci.

So a little history. The name, “Victor Churchill” is a tribute to the Churchill family and to Victor Puharich, a master butcher. Victor and Anthony Puharich the founders of Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, Australia’s largest meat wholesaler of premium meats, have become the fourth owners of the butcher shop in its 133-year history.

With the interior designed by Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia, the store is quite unlike any butcher store in Australia. Gone are the traditional refrigerated cabinets and parsley dressed meats, replaced with a store infused with European style. Rich timber wall panelling, timber beamed ceiling and Italian Calacatta marble stone floor, Himlayian salt brick walls create the new interior of Victor Churchill.

We love it, we’ve been there, we’ve seen, and now we’re cooking!


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