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French Aristocratic Style – Balmain Fall 2016 Collection


Oliver Rousteing’s Balmain is as much about the clothes as it is about the theatrical and eye popping presentation. In this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Rousteing’s selection of male models, colour palette, technical brilliance in his tailoring work and choice of theme left other collections in the shadow of his wake.

In anticipate to Rousteing’s collections, viewers are left with their stomachs in a tidal wave of excitement and during the show  picture themselves in the masterpieces.


Rousteing’s creative process is outstanding as is his selection of male models, where the show was opened by none other than Jon Kortajarena, representing an explorer fusing references of travel with the French aristocrat, a regal wardrobe was donned by a sequence of top male models including the Balmain muse Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

Building up looks that demand a dissection, the Balmain man generously layered embroidered jackets, gold adorned cummerbunds (who would have thought), military-style coats (Rousteing’s signature), draped tops and checked sweaters.

Accessorized with leather gloves and riding boots, trousers were lean or tapered. Embracing velvet and leather, the season was about opulence. Stripes, paisley prints, buffalo checks and plaids contributed to the collection that revisited brand classics with an indulgent yearning.



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