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Framing your MANscape

Versace Sunglasses $190

A mate said to me once in 1993, “I’ve just bought a pair of $500 Versace sunglasses. Is that too much?” And at the time I thought, “hell yes” but then I saw him wear them last week and they still looked brilliant. So would you say paying the price for quality and design pays off? Perhaps yes.

While many different trends have emerged in the market, oversized sunglasses, which were fashionable in the 80s, are now often used for modern day coolness, can thankfully be purchased to suit your budget today.

Sunnies in a way – mimic the famous, fabulous and wealthy.  And we all know we like to think we’re hiding from the paparazzi now and then. So getting a few fab sunglasses and glasses into your accessory wardrobe is easier than ever.

Now without being enslaved to popular culture and trendiness, glasses can turn the clock back on your age. Buying a pair that perfectly suit the shape of your face will make you stand out in the crowd, especially the female one. And a Gent likes to receive a compliment when it comes to how he’s framed his dial. At they have revolutionary 3D virtual TRY-ON glasses software so you can see how glasses are going to frame your face before buying online. Dig!

Sunglass wearing and fake glasses frames, a trend widely embraced by young Hollywood, appeal to commercially successful performers, such as Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher, is magically transforming them into sophisticated intellects. So let’s take a look at some brands and frames for your handsome Manscape.

Ray-Ban is the world’s best known eyewear brand and is a global leader in its sector. All models in the Ray-Ban collection are products of meticulous, original styling that translate the best of the latest fashion trends into an ever-contemporary look for millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world.

Ray Ban Sunglasses $150

Oakley has become one of the top sports brands in the world because of its innovations and never-ending quest for perfection. They have been able to transcend boundaries to masterfully combine form and function with their eyewear.

Oakley Crosslink™ is a new category of ophthalmic frames with a true crossover design that lets you go from work to play without missing a beat. This sleek and modern look matches Oakley performance innovation with a comfortable fit, worthy of your favorite everyday prescription glasses. Crosslink takes you anywhere with originality and style, and it has the performance you need if sports and fitness are part of your week.

The Oakley Crosslink Glasses $180

The Versace myth is what makes the Versace name world famous.  It is centered on the idea of a world of fashion, glamour, and sexiness.  Versace eyewear is no different and embraces everything that makes the Versace brand what it is.

Sexy Versace Glasses $250

TAG Heuer is a luxury watchmaking company known for its amazing technical innovations. Their eyewear is made in France with function-driven designs and high-end materials.

TAG Heuer Glasses $310

The Spy brand was pioneered by passionate athletes who pushed design conventions and redefined technology to create amazing products. Today Spy offers stylish, function-forward eyewear while still maintaining their street cred underground. Go GEEK, GO big with these glasses.

Spy Oversized Geek Awesome $170

The California lifestyle flows from VonZipper eyewear collection. Their frames are fashion-forward and allow you to show off your individuality and let the world know that you aren’t a conformist.

VonZipper $170

Polarized to reduce glare, these stylish Tumi Brooklyn glasses combine sleek design with sophisticated technology to provide a look that fits any occasion. A metal frame provides durability, and the subtle design work on the stems adds class.

Tumi Brooklyn Sunnies $167


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