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Fitness with MenStylePower co-owner, Michael Edmonds

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Fitness to me, is as natural as brushing my teeth everyday. I invest in my health now…or I pay for my illness later, it’s as simple as that.

Living large can take it out of you, physically, mentally and emotionally. With the enormous amounts of depression and anxiety on the rise, the most beneficial effort you can do is invest in your health, nutrition and fitness. But it is easier said than done.

Michael Edmonds, co-owner of MenStylePower with his wife, Louise Edmonds, is a physiotherapist and has seen more than enough damage to people’s bones, ligaments, muscles and nervous system over his 24 years of being a professional physio majoring in orthopaedics.

As we age, we look back at the youthful agility and realise that maintaining it is much more sensible than trying to gain it again after a long period of inactivity. “Being a Physiotherapist”, states Edmonds, “is about helping patients understand how they can reduce pain, increase mobility and slow the progression of inflammation or the loss of bone mass. Physiotherapy and exercise are important in treating musculoskeletal conditions and can effectively reduce pain and loss of independence caused by illnesses like osteoporosis”.

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Getting started again…

Wearing the right gear is a motivator in prompting exercise if you’ve been idle for a while. Edmonds says, “Good shoes, compression attire and a device that shows you immediate feedback is incredibly important. As I’m a runner, support is imperative in my shoes and I find Asics, Nike and Mizuno to be the best along with SKINS for compression“.


“Being a Dad to a 3 year old daughter has been a life changing event. Not only with the responsibility of raising a small human (he laughs) but also shuffling and rearranging my time and assisting my wife with her business role of being the Style Director of MenStylePower”. Eating lots of fruit and vegetable with protein at every meal is important.


Edmonds wakes at 5am everyday to be at the gym at 6am, six days a week. Fitness is part of his role as a physiotherapist, being an example of his beliefs and also having the strength to physically help people who have just been in surgery.

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