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First Impressions Count & Girls don’t want to Interview

Men of all ages, have the ability to impress with their own personal style.

The Story Thus Far:

Summer was a great girl with luscious, long, black locks, a quick smile and a fun, bubbly personality. When Tom first saw her he was intrigued by her sharp mind, gentleness and genuine joy. He too wasn’t a bad specimen, with a kind heart, a shy smile, great guns, and quick wit.

They’d met through mutual friends and they quickly became part of the same crowd, hanging out at barbeques, dinners and beach parties.

Overtime Tom became increasingly enchanted with Summer and her great personality. He started vying for her attention in the hopes of scoring a date but each time she’d laugh him off gently. She’d smile easily at him, and chat and laugh but he just could not get her interested in him in anything other than being a casual pal. Worse still, he could tell she never gave him a thought after they parted company each time.

Then came the day their friends hosted drinks after work. Tom sauntered into the bar in a beautifully tailored, form fitting D&G suit and … Summer nearly passed out. The ‘Tom’ standing before wasn’t the slouchy baggy pants, oversized T, Nike tottin’ homeboy she knew. He looked like a smart, successful and confident man and in one moment, she too was enchanted.

Months later, after they were engaged, Summer let him in on what had changed her mind about him – his new-to-her, elegant style had made her consider that he was a man worth taking seriously.

True Story!

The greatest accessory? A smile.

The Lesson?

What you wear and how you wear it leaves others with a very strong impression of who you are. Your style is tied very closely to your identity and more than that, to your image. Tom burnt his over-sized jeans and Ts and bought shares in D&G.

Right now all over this planet, decisions are being made on who to promote, who to date, who to hire and who to fire; with a strong emphasis on the overall impression that the subject leaves on the decision maker.

Although ‘MENSTYLEPOWER’ does not in anyway promote image over character, we do encourage gentlemen all over the world to take the time to think about how they are perceived – what does your image say about you? Are you Shabby? Flabby? Crabby? Or Sexy? Seriously, ask yourself the question and if you can’t honestly answer it, ask a chic – your sister, girlfriend or gal pal.

Military Jacket, scruff? Nope, looking understated and GOOD.

The Feedback:

Do you get compliments on your style often? Do you enjoy the feeling that comes from being told you look good? Or do you only get that feeling on Sundays at church, or at funerals, when you drag out your only suit?

Your image strongly determines your career path, your personal happiness and your self-confidence. It’s elemental, right?

The problem is, many men simply don’t know what to wear or how to wear it.

Style can be attained at any age. Dig it!

What is Style?:

This what you’re going to learn from us: Style involves understanding how to wear clothes that suit you. One guy can throw on a pair of jeans and T-shirt and looks great, while another guy can wear a T-shirt and jeans and look horrible.

Suiting out!

And the Trends?:

Most men don’t suit most high-fashion trends so DON’T wear it simply because it walked down of a runway in Milan. There are quirky men who can carry off ‘quirk’, but most men can’t.

Alternatively, the homeboy look – oversized, really sloppy pants hanging off a man’s waist – gives the impression the man is just as sloppy in his private life.

The tight, bum squeezer is also a no-no! Others won’t easily trust you’re comfortable with yourself (and your sexuality) if you’re constantly mincing around in overtight trousers and jeans.

When you’re trying too hard it doesn’t work. When you’re trying too hard or not at all, it shows!

Great Styling at any time of day. Military jackets again show off masculinity.


MENSTYLEPOWER focuses on helping you make a great first and lasting impression that’s unique to YOU – individuality rules and reigns in our world!

MENSTYLEPOWER will give you the confidence to try something new because looking good is not complicated – if you have a few simple, key, modern and yet comfortable and elegant wardrobe items.

And because we believe that style is also about character MENSTYLEPOWER discusses the importance of character, integrity and chivalry as attributes of the stylish man.

Take the ride with us and become the coolest YOU in town.

Too cool to care….

Credit/Reference: Images by The Sartorialist.


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