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Firetrap – Brit Style With ‘Tude!

I was recently thumbing my way through the web, (if ever one could do that) and stumbled across what I could only say was a compelling, rebellious spread that digitally nailed me.

I’d been Firetrapped.

Laden with a distinctive street flava that champions the edgier, darker and subversive elements of dressing and the maverick spirit of the British culture – from brit-pop to lad’s mags and terrace fashion – Firetrap’s ‘Londonism’ DNA thumbs its nose at establishment; instead defining its own ‘underground’ fashion aesthetic.

Designed in London by British designers committed on capitalising on their creative birthplace. Firetrap is a mirror of London style, culture and attitude taking inspiration from the diverse sights, sounds and flavours that define this city’s life and blood.Think experimental, progressive and gritty attitude infused with London’s legendary subversive wit and rebellious rock ‘n’ roll spirit and you’ve bottled this rebel brand.

Firetrap’s stand-alone stores have long been a testament to the brand, reflecting the store’s local environment whilst maintaining the twisted brand’s industrial aesthetic. 17 years after launching, Firetrap is now present in eight stand alone stores in England, and in over 30 countries and approximately 1,500 doors worldwide.

All over the globe, the stores demonstrate Firetrap’s progressive, forward thinking British spirit and dark, rebellious attitude. Complete with aggressive antiques, power cable chandeliers, insulators and electrical boxes, rolled steel, denim walls and padded cell fitting rooms, they certainly make quite a lasting impression.

Having a close relationship to Firetrap’s fans, wearers and the ‘scene’ is something the brand is especially passionate about and as a result they’re consistently encouraging new music talent, underground venues and subversive cultures that their consumers hold dear.

This is perfectly illustrated by Firetrap’s heavy involvement in many of the definitive music and fashion events – sponsoring festivals such as Stag & Dagger and underwriting Bestival’s first ever signing lounge and press area. Firetrap has also hooked up with the likes of iD Magazine, and Ziad Ghanem at London Fashion Week, etc.

The latest Firetrap collection explores elements defined by the brand’s DNA; modern, futuristic, industrial and utility – core principles of ‘Londonism’ and a Rock n’ Roll attitude.  The devil is certainly in the detail with darkly decadent embellishment alongside macabre yet romantic prints.

The style is very ‘Depp’ – masculine, piratical, rebellious, yet elegant – manliness mixed with luxury, rough mixed with smooth sinuousness. The entire collection is typified by this split personality, creating a feeling of contrast while linking with the brand’s customary non-conformist attitude.

We dare you to take up this subtle yet extreme offering.


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