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Finding Purpose – Part 1


Finding purpose is one of biggest challenges for us all.

In today’s erratic world, distraction, pain, the chase of fame, achievement and judgement sway us from staying on the path. When we started MenStylePower almost 6 years ago, the journey has not always been easy. There were plenty of sleepless nights mixed with glowing success, plus stuff -ups alongside audacious goals achieved. We as a team have loved every minute of it, but it’s not been smooth sailing.

Two years after we started, we were contacted by many USA design houses to participate in New York Fashion Week Collaborations. We could only commit to two (Nautica and Barneys New York) because the man power of Stylemeister, Louise and I was all we had. We don’t bring in contributors out of pure protection of the tone of voice we set our articles to and the nostalgic journey we wish to go on with you, our readers. But after that contact, we knew we were saying something right! And since then all the feedback from you guys (and gals) has been awesome. Thank you.

Purpose. Oh yeah. SEE! See how one can get distracted.

Here’s our guidelines to finding it and harnessing it. And as I sign off…I want to let you know that we’ve found our purpose – and that is uplifting the confidence in men by the way of styling. Today, we’re judged in the first 20 seconds by what we’re wearing on a date, in the office, at a meeting and as entrepreneurs. So if Menstylepower can help you get ahead in the style stakes so that it gives you that little bit of extra mojo, then we’ve done our job. Awesome!


Know Thyself

Do a SWOT on yourself. And get 10 mates to help you work it out. Email them and ask what they think your weaknesses, strengths, beliefs and values are.  Get them to add where they think you operate best in life, and where you really suck. This is a great starting point.

Make discovering your purpose, your purpose

Imagine the impossible. But also imagine where you’ll be in 10 years time if you don’t find your purpose. Land of mediocre.

Stay open to opportunities and experiment

Don’t be afraid of failing. We all do it. Some of the most successful people now have been bankrupt more than once, but they believed in what they were doing.

Believe that you’re good enough

This could be hard if you’re struggling with self worth, so see is someone else can believe in you until you’ve got it back. Remember you are not your past and you can create the best future for yourself.

Seek creative outlets

Doing something creative gets your brainwaves in a different state. A not so busy state. And when you’re in this frame of mind, creation happens. Paint, draw, read, sing, build a boat, wax a surfboard, cook, dive, climb, swim, go WILD. Hey Stylemeister did nude drawing classes – of women of course, but heck….it got him challenging his very ability to stay focused and be creative. LOL

Write down a list of people you admire and why

Google ‘secrets of the rich versus the poor’. This will show you many ways in why they are rich, successful and full of achievements. One of our favourite Gents is Sir Richard Branson. Enough said.

Find a format you like for personal growth

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you want to integrate personal training into your life, make sure you get enough sleep also. It’s been proven that sleep is one of the most important elements to ones existence.

Don’t take things too personally

Develop a thick skin – but look at it this way: What others think about you is none of your business. Why? Because their judgment is coming from their limited perspective. Unless it is from someone in the industry you wish to conquere, then listen up!

Understand your shape

Everyone has a certain physical, mental, spiritual, moral and ethical landscape. Understand this will always put you in the right direction of your purpose.

Do what you love

You know this one. The passion you had when you were a child when you wanted to be something/ someone. A fireman, a doctor, an astronaut, a formula one driver. This dream, this passion, this thing you loved doing is a sign of what your purpose is.

Listen for the consistencies and the symbols

Often when one is great at something – they may just think it’s a hobby. But when people keep telling you how good you are, or that you should take it further, make a business out of it etc, listen up. But remember always, that’s your talent, and you can’t be all things so if you want to make a business out of it, then get expert help to do it.

Be stylish

I don’t just mean in clothes, but be a trailblazer, break the rules, do it differently, disrupt, do it fearlessly – be cool!

Notice how you feel

When you are doing your purpose you get a fire in your belly. you feel excited, exhilarated, full of adrenalin, charged, alive, and you become the very best version of yourself.


If you’re on your purpose path, you’ll find that situations and people will magnetise to your cause.



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