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The FIAT Abarth 124 accompanied by Michael Edmonds wearing SuperDry apparel and Converse, Calvin Klein aviators and Tag watch.

It’s summer, the rooftop is down and the sun screen is on. Taking the Fiat Abarth 124 for a spin on the city streets is almost insulting to the car. The engine feels so sharp off the mark that it should be on the M2 constantly in Australia and on the Autobarn in Europe.

The quad exhaust and gunmetal wheels bring a sporty look to the car that proved to turn heads each time we stopped at the lights. The car may not have as many creature comforts as I would like but the sports attire and performance focused extras, keeps the excitement at a threshold. It has a powerful turbo injected engine with some pretty good shock absorbers to handle the speed.

This is a masculine looking car with a seductive honeycomb Grill. This creature has plenty of bite especially when you chip into second year out of the six speed manual. The Fiat Abarth has a sneaky Sports button which changes the characteristics of the car. The only feature I missed was setting up the Bluetooth to listen to my favourite tracks, but was happy to tune into the Engine shifting gears into a sportier speed as the soundtrack of the week.



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