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FIAT 500 – Small Car, Big Statement

With Pitti Uomo behind us for another 6 months, MenStylePower still needed a peppering of something Italian as a form of slow Detoxing. The slow cooker, the spaghetti bolognese and the mezze plates were all good and well, but after watching Zoolander 2, (and laughing our heads off) we got an idea.

Enter the Fiat 500.


Now, we need to be honest here. In presenting the FIAT 500 to our Style Director as a featured editorial for the site, we knew we could have some differences flair up as – she grew up on petrol guzzling V8’s and motorcycles and would find it difficult not having a V6 or 1.8LT turbo charged engine at her disposal. She loves clever car interiors with lots of cream leather and boot-stitching for definition, but most of all it is the thrill of having an engine that sounds more like an A380 taking off than a lawnmower.

So when we arranged a Fiat 500 for her, she was pleased, alas she knew it was a 1.4lt engine.


The Fiat 500 itself looks utterly dashing. You don’t care about the size because – it. just. looks. good. Damn good in fact. Beautiful alloys, chrome fittings, black body, dynamic FIAT badging around the body and a 6-star interior with a favourite feature of voice activating blue tooth, which can play songs from your iPhone while it is tucked away in your jacket. This is a 6-speed convertible with all the bells and whistles that will make you go… wow; Rear parking sensors, satellite navigation, Premium upholstery with deep burgundy leather, a chrome grille, bumper and sill plates. Stunning.

So…2 weeks later, we can’t get her out of it.

But back to the 1.4lt engine.

Zipping around the city is super fun. The torque on the gears is superb. It’s grunty, and you know you can push the car as you head up to 6th gear. The power steering handles perfectly out on the M2 and as for the interior…wait…this says it all. Our Style Director drove one of her girlfriends back from a dual meeting. Not this isn’t any girl. She’s a 6″2′ ex- Olympian who comments on the interior of the FIAT 500 -“OMG, this car is bigger than my SUV. I actually have leg room!”. Nothing more to add.

So, If you’re eager to express your creative flair and have everything you need to put your own stamp on a veritable design object, this new design of Fiat will not disappoint you.

FIAT mike


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