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Exotic Cars at The Inaugural BullRush Rally

C63AMG507-burn out

Aptly named after the feeling you get when you’re being chased by a dozen bulls down the cobblestone streets of Spain, the BullRush Rally is a charity event organized to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Perhaps the first images of a charity event that come to mind, are that of round tables, people in dinner suits and placards raised to opt into the auction. Hmmm, you’d be wrong if you thought this.

Bellowing down the Pacific Highway is a convoy of over 20 cars, but not your everyday cars. These are luxury limited edition beasts with engine that would start a dead man’s pulse.


Covering 2000km of spectacular Australian roads, the adventure is filled with exclusive dinners and parties, as well as a day of drag racing at Sydney Dragway. The Bullrush Rally hosted a charity auction night on the 3rd of September on the Pontoon vessel in Sydney Harbour for the Starlight Foundation.

There are five stops along the way for this luxurious convoy who are painstakingly trying not to break the speed limit along the Pacific Highway; Surfers Paradise, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

It has been disclosed though that a few gentlemen did receive speeding offences and were banned from driving by the police. And what happened to these beautiful vehicles? Well, they were tugged back onto semi-trailers who were in tow just in case something like this happened.


The Bullrush Rally showcased an incredible array of vehicles – including Lexus LFA, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Porsche GT3, Audi R8 and Liberty Walk Nissan GTR and BMW M3.

Official event Partners include; SevenFriday, 1800 Approved, CEVA Logistics, Exclusive Wraps, Sunus Motorsport, Ultimate Car Rentals and JP Bespoke Auto.

Images below are from our mate Miles Wharton, @mensfashionblogger who partnered with SevenFriday watches for the event.


Get involved gents, The BullRush Rally happens each year and you can check out the details here:



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