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EXCLUSIVE: Maurice Lacroix and the ‘Masterpiece’ Magnussen


James wears Balmain Jacket $2,195. Balmain tee $395, drkshdw pants $910 from Harrolds. TOD’S leather Gommini shoes $565 and Maurice Lacroix Pontos S watch on nylon strap AU$4,990

So you’re a watch snob. You have a collection of 10 or more from around the world. They range in designer, function, territory, vintage and you select accordingly to what’s IN. Hmmm…Let me share a little observation with you. Let me enlighten your minds as to what makes a real watch, and what to do with those old watches of yours.

During a recent exclusive film and photographic shoot, MenStylePower witnessed an impressive young man speak on principle, morals and legacy. With diction uncomplicated, he described his values in line with one of the most understated and largely admired timepiece manufactures in the world. Grounded yet loaded with ambition, full of purpose and aiming to be an elite representative in his world. We listened in unexpected delight, with eye-brows raised.


Transparent and calm was James Magnussen speaking on his recent global ambassadorship with Maurice Lacroix. He the fastest ever swimmer in the 100-meters freestyle in textile. (That is, not wearing a bodysuit or suit made of polyurethane or other non-textile materials). And he is also the fastest Australian in the 50-meter freestyle in textile. He is now the wearer of the savvy, masculine yet elegant Swiss watch brand with a fast growing appeal to men….and women. He’s 23, a determined and focused young man who towers over the crew at an impressive 6’6″.


James wears Maison Martin Margiela Jacket – $2,450 and shirt $475. Pontos S diver on leather strap AU$3,640

Earlier that day, our timepiece PR queen wandered into the shoot with a steel briefcase that could have been hand-cuffed to her wrist. Nervously she hovered over it, with the sheer purpose of protecting its contents. All $200,000+ worth of it. For a bloke to open that case, would be like a pirate looking into a treasure chest plucked from the sea. Gleaming from the inside…exquisite timepieces.

JM- white sweater

James wears drkshdw white sweater $445 and Masterpiece Seconde Mysterieuse AU$14,740, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen White Gold Nature Ring $1,150

If you’ve just been introduced to Maurice Lacroix, you’d be pleased to know they’re the official watch partners for FC Barcelona (The World Cup Series starts 12 June, 2014 – watch it!) Being the number 1 Sports Club in the world, it makes sense they have attracted one of the best timepiece brands on the planet.

Maurice Lacroix’s accomplishments in the last 30 years has forged the ability to produce watch cases in-house, making Maurice Lacroix unique compared to other luxury watch companies. And the launch of their high end “Les Mécaniques” line in the 1990’s, later renamed the “Masterpiece” line which allowed the brand to take the title and rank of a true Swiss watch manufacture, by both maintaining traditional ‘Swiss watch making art’ and by creating their own movements for its Masterpiece Collection. Two outstanding achievements which are great conversation starters gentlemen!


James wears: Isaac Sellam jacket $2450 and tee $345. Pontos S Extreme Limited Edition AU$6,300

Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde

Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde with square mechanics.

So Gentlemen, if you care about your SportsLuxe look, allow us to point out a few exceptional watches in the collection (following). The Pontos S will unquestionably appeal to you whether you’re into sports or diving. The look and feel of this timepiece showcases an era that has turned elegance and sportsmanship into a way of life. Boom!

To close, we’re honoured to have had the time to style and photograph Maurice Lacroix’s Global Ambassador, James Magnussen. A top bloke, with a humbled spirit, a true boy next door….ahem, should we say gentleman now? Indeed we should.

Credits include – Celebrity Stylist, Kelly Smythe, Photographed by Nicholas Samartis from Samartis & Ducker SuperStudio. Garments provided by Harrolds. Shoes by Tods and Robby Ingham and Jewellery by Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.


Ol’ Blue Eyes wears Tom Ford Blue Cardigan $2,190 from Harrolds. Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme AU$5,780

The Pontos S Extreme impresses from the very first glance. With its assured, self-confident, masculine look and sporty image, it is available in three different colors.

Although there was already a pre-release for the Pontos S Diver, the official introduction has been done in BaselWorld. This Pontos S Diver is a new addition to the popular Pontos collection. The Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver is a 43-millimetre timepiece made out of stainless steel. Especially with the stainless-steel bracelet, quite a heavy fellow. As a diver’s watch should be actually. For more casual wear, Maurice Lacroix also offers a nice soft leather NATO strap.

Care to wear the collection that James has personally selected for his own?

The Pontos S (in blue) AU$4,990

Pontos S Diver

The Pontos S Diver AU$3,640

Pontos S - Blue

The Pontos S Extreme (in blue) AU$5,780

Masterpiece Roue Carree Seconde

The Masterpiece Roue Carrée Seconde AU$11,700

Designed by watchmaker and engineer Michel Vermot in collaboration with the Haute Ecole Arc du Locle, the square wheel mechanism has taken years to perfect. This stunning timepiece —a contemporary watch that breaks with preconceived ideas to stay ahead of its time confirms the brand’s status as expert innovators.

And just so you know, there’s still a certain cheekiness you can’t escape with the Missile Magnussen.



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