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Elemis Skincare: Time for Men


We came across Elemis while in New York in 2010. One of our team members had a redness condition on their face and had been trying products all over the joint to see what would calm the irritation. We approached a nice lass at the counter of Norstrom’s who walked us over to some flashy part of the store where perfectly aligned packages of Elemis were formed as in a marching band. The sales assistant confidently said, ‘When you see this work overnight, I’ll be here to take your order tomorrow’, as she gave our team member a hand full of samples of Redness Relief, by Elemis.

The sale amounted to US$200 the next day, on store opening.

Elemis is the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand favoured by as many as 6.5 million spa-goers per year.

Their men’s range entitled: Time for Men, is power-packed with some of the most hard working natural extracts scientifically placed together to treat problems Gentlemen face with well, er treating their face.

To keep it simple for us Gents, Elemis have delivered the ultimate 3-phase grooming programme; cleanse, shave and protect.

It is a popular myth that male skin requires less nurturing than female skin. Regular exfoliation helps prevent in-grown hairs, whilst daily moisturisation re-energises the skin and challenges the aging process.

We’ve put three products to the test:

Energising Skin Scrub

As the skin and stubble on the face gathers and traps daily grime it leaves the skin dull and lifeless. The skin scrub recharges and primes the skin for a clean, smooth shave. Awesome. RESULT: What was most alluring was the scent. This dynamic exfoliate is formulated with Bilberry, Meadowsweet and VitaminE. It literally polishes and brightens the skin. Our mate who tested it out, used it to recharge his face after a long hard days work, before going out on the town. He said it left his face brighter and the blemishes and tiredness on his skin were erased.

elemis scrub

Daily Moisture Boost:

This lightweight moisturiser recharges and hydrates the skin. A unique blend of Polynesian Green Tamanu Oil and Cactus Cerus Flower helps soothe shaved skin whilst citrus oils act as a decongestant and offer free-radical protection. Plant based Natamilks of Chestnut and Bamboo restore the skin’s elasticity, suppleness and essential nutrients. RESULT: Our dude used the moisturiser straight after shaving. Again, the fragrance was so appealing, he preferred not to use cologne. The texture of the moisture boost was perfect, not too light that the skin sucked it up straight away and you were left with a tight feeling on the face, and not too thick so that you felt the excess moisture was capturing external pollution into your skin.


Post Shave Recovery Mask

A fast-acting mask packed with soothing ingredients like lavender, macadamia, rosemary and thyme. This mask helps to calm irritation caused by daily shaving, blemishes and minor shaving nicks, while gently cleansing and re-balancing the skin. RESULT: This product acts like a Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction. It cleans up and clears out anything nasty post shave. When our mate put it on after a cleansed, shaved face – after 10 minutes the soothing exacts in the potion almost acted like a woman’s foundation….Now don’t get distracted here; women use foundation to tonalise the skin, making it the same colour and this is what the mask did. Now don’t ask us how, but perhaps again it’s due to the scientific combination of the natural extracts that worked perfectly together to get rid of nicks, blemishes and balanced the skin out.


If you’re getting serious about your manscaping Gents…then Elemis is a sure thing. Peace out.

Here’s where you can BUY ELEMIS IN THE UK…

Here’s where you can BUY ELEMIS IN THE USA

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