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Dress like an Italian

The Italiano

Also Known As: The sprezzatura man, the American who looks vaguely European.

Italy – The home to Pitti Uomo, the largest menswear trade fair in the world, the home to Luisa ViaRoma, the family owned department store with innovative genius to die for and the home to some of the biggest men’s and women’s fashion houses on the planet –  it’s no wonder Italy is the place to consider your next power look when it comes to style.

Italian style has been generously visible in the movies for decades and in fact, was made popular by the golden ages of Hollywood. Sophia Loren, Cary Grant and fellow movie stars were often zoomed over to the Italian shores by jet to be met with Paparazzi. The reason they were there? To shop, to meet the designers and to lift the exposure and familiarity of the Italian brands as Gucci, Valentino and Dolce and Gabbana.

In America, many Italian menswear  looks are stereotyped to the mafia. Of course they are…they’ve been immortalised in the movies for years. Take this sweater for example by Dolce and Gabbana to which shows an image of James Dean smoking a cigarette. Rebellious and devilishly handsome. What man doesn’t want to wear this form of archetype as an outer statement of his inner gent. And this is the power of fashion, and the perception we give to those we pass.

DG hoodie

Below is a typical outline of the American Italian Stallion and his style traits. They illustrate the burning impression of the mafia in our brains in a cheeky and comical manner. Alas, this style of Italian worldwide is still stomping the streets with his silk pocket squares and shirts, and his leather trench coat and well-to-do attitude. Not to mention his slicked back hair and love for soccer.

Dress code: Soft-shouldered tailoring, colorful accessories, driving shoes.

First known sighting: Naples, Italy, early twentieth century.

Recent sighting: Corner table at Cipriani.

Signature accessory: Billowing pocket square.

Bragging rights: Headed to South Africa for the World Cup.

Cause for stress: Not really sure how soccer works.

Hobby: Practicing his rolling r’s.

Pickup line: “Can I buy you a drrrrrrink?”

On his iPod: David Bowie.

In his driveway: Vespa scooter.

The truth is, with nothing more at their disposal than great clothes, superb taste and enviable self-assurance, today, Italian  menswear icons have become superstars. Could it possibly be the IT FACTOR?

And now for our little love show of Dolce and Gabbana…..Enjoy!

DG robe


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