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Dress for the Opposite Sex

Do you ever wonder when you’re looking through your wardrobe if what you wear, turns your lady friend on?

It’s no secret that women generally dress for the opposite sex. Quite obviously though, the majority of ladies dress sense has gone from the Chanel style in the 50’s where skirt lengths were elegant and civil, to that of recent times broadcasting thigh,  peep toes shoes, short skirts, lowered neck lines and voluptuous hair. Most of you are smiling with a silent ‘yehaaa-yeah’ travelling through your skulls because that sort of dress turns you on. Visually. But, if you date a girl who looks like a lady friend who stands under a street light at night, then you’re going to get the same mental challenge, attitude and personality. Know what I’m saying.

If you’re a gent, and we hope you are as you’ve probably been reading this blog for a a couple of years now, then let me break it to you gently.


What turns WOMEN on (and I’m talking about the ones you want to introduce to your mother), is men who dress a little expensive, a little bit sharp, with a touch of maturity and some romance sprinkled on top. Why? Because this shows her that he can hold an intelligent conversation and the cerebral stimulation she’ll get –  is what will be the last straw for her to select him. And yes, guess what. Women select, men show off. Have you ever seen the mating dance of a peacock? Youtube it.

Look sharp without trying. A t-shirt, skivvy with a jacket.

A lot of you dudes are slightly ‘intimidated’ with a lady who dresses, well, er like a lady. Because that means she can expose your weaknesses because she respects herself and is smart. Her skirt is to the knee, her top button is done up on her blouse, there’s a hint of fragrance but not too much; you need to get close to smell it and her hair elegant and jewellery is appropriate to her outfit. But her greatest and most wonderful accessory, is her a smile.


Ruff up the suit. Mix and match your fabrics and textures. It will give your lady friend a twist of interest and it makes the suit look a touch more preppy.

You're not 60 yet, so have fun with your suit mate. All black, minus the vest, add a t-shirt. Yeah.


A bomber jacket with jeans, and shoes man! Shake off the trainers when you want to impress. Get a pair of blundstones or if you can, Gucci’s and you ‘ll be wearing them for a decade and they’ll still look brand spankin’ new.

Abercrombie & Fitch is excellent for anything teenage/20s/30s.

Experiment with your boots, and shoes. Jeans with details add that accessory you can't be bothered wearing.

IF YOU’RE IN YOUR LATE 30’s & 40’s

Adopting a different approach to your attire will work miracles in your life, mates. As you get a little older, a classic and timeless look will suit you down to a tee. As this also representing where you’re mental thinking is at. Vision and future? Or are you still dressing as you would when you were in your teens? There comes a time when you need to chuck in the hoodie and skinny jeans and embrace the suit.

Velvert, Superwool 120+ are your best bets for a suit. Avoid full polyester.

Gucci, John Smedley, Dolce & Gabanna, Diesel, G-star, Incotex, Church’s shoes, Alexander McQueen, Herringbone, M.J. Bale and other hot brands are all there for you to experiment with your style. Don’t feel pressured to buy. Go into stores and allow the sales assistants to dress you, style you and talk to you. Style is a conversation as much as it is a tangible item.

Invest in a great pair of shoes. They'll last you ten years and still look like new.

Remember, first impressions last… and last. If you ask a women what you wore on your first date, she will be able to tell you down to the last detail. So ‘details’ count with women. Remember they are geared to be the ‘decision makers’ in life. In the animal kingdom, the male is always the most good looking one. Look at the lion, the peacock, the turkey (well, there’s an exception there). But he parades around with his stocky build, massive antlers or maine or whatever, and exudes the attitude of ‘look at me, I’m so freakin’ great if you don’t pick me you’re a loser’. The women stand back and go, ‘hmmm, maybe, err, whatever, oh, okay yeah I like that’ before you’ve even opened your mouth and roared! So details, confidence and a keen attention to your personal style are a must to impress. It’s just the law.

So step into 2012, with a smart plan, a determination to build on your strengths and confidence and to choose victory over defeat.

To get creative with your image, google, read, look and observe fashion.


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