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Ditto 3D Tech: Changing the Face of Eyewear for Men

The perfect face shape is constantly on one’s mind when choosing the right pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Especially if you’re a long sighted person who needs glasses to see close up. You need to take them off right, to put on the frames to see if they suit you. Yet, as the frames are not prescription, you can’t see the designer frames on your face in detail. Predicament.

Nope, not anymore!

The truth is most of us Gentlemen buy online, so THIS is why DITTO, who have come up with a spectacular 3D compositing real time rendering eyewear awesomeness-they’re-now-on-my-dial- PRESTO website …IS changing the face – ahem, of buying glasses.

Here’s what some of the most well respected business reviewers have to say:

Genius Idea: 3D virtual fitting technology lets you determine whether a pair of glasses flatters your face before making a purchase.” —Mashable

DITTO’s innovative technology eliminates the hassles and impediments associated with buying eyewear online as well as in-stores by giving consumers the ability to not just see how they look and fit, but also ask a trusted source to help select which frames to buy.” — Wall Street Journal

“Ditto offers the clearest vision yet for the way we’ll find frames that fit in the future.” — Fast Company

“Ditto allows you to ‘see’ yourself in any pair of the site’s growing collection of designer specs. Think all this is going to be more costly than couture? Think again. Ditto has simplified the prescription offerings and made anti-reflective coating and no-scratch fabrication standard on all lenses.” — NYTimes T Magazine

Awesome right!

Ditto example man

So how does this DITTO technology work?: Step 1: Log into the site. Step 2: Sit in front of your laptop camera with some nice even light on your face. Step 3: Allow DITTO to access your camera to place your face right in the centre of your laptop screen. Step 4: Be instructed to turn your head slowly from side to side like you’re watching a tennis match in slow motion. Step 5: Watch a set of frames appear on your face on the screen and be amazed! Step 6: Click on any frame, eyewear or sunglasses to see them appear on your screen face. Step 7: Tell all ya mates!

How do they do it?

DITTO uses 30 detected points in 150 frames per video to reconstruct your head paying extra attention to your nose and ears, so we can decide where the glasses sit on the face. Behind the scenes, we use these points to reconstruct your face in 3D. This is all done in under 1 minute!

ditto eye man2

When DITTO digitizes the glasses that you choose to view on your face, they take a series of pictures of each pair of glasses as well as detailed digital calliper measurements of each frame. We use this information to create a mesh for each pair of glasses that looks similar to a CAD file.

The add detailed, photo-realistic “materials” to each “mesh”. There is a specialized team of designers who make each pair of glasses look exactly like the real thing by overlaying sections of real photography onto the mesh. We have even decided to use these 3D models to replace our photography. So when you are viewing a pair of glasses on our site in 360, you are looking at the digital representation of them, not a set of pictures.


To read more on how DITTO capture the perfect 3D face modelling and glasses click here:

This is the perfect way buy a new set of frames of sunglasses from the world’s leading brands: 3.1 Phillip Lim, 7 For All Mankind, Alain Mikli, Alexander Wang, Carrera, Converse, Eco, Derek Lam, Hackett London (one of our favourites!), Jeremy Scott (awesome work with Adidas), John Varvatos (The Gentleman), Persol (coolness), Ray-Ban, Stark Eyes (awesome furniture designer), Stella McCartney, The Row, Theory and Zac Posen.

ditto eyeman 4


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