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Disctinction Menswear Collection by Ryan Seacrest

Glen and Ben-RS-600

Photographing the Distinction Collection at Luna Park, Sydney

For Ryan Seacrest putting on a suit before going onto the set of a television program, brings him into character. And so, with the millions of people who adore watching him via the silver screen, he’s accommodating that emotion through his Distinction Collection of menswear. Ryan Seacrest is a formidable force in the world of….well, everything.

ryan seacrest image

Ryan Seacrest

Besides his daily drive-time L.A. radio show (syndicated by iHEART to hundreds of stations), weekly “American Top 40” countdown, annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and recurring American Idol host and E! red-carpet duties, he produces scripted and unscripted TV shows including the entire Kardashian franchise, is an enthusiastic tech investor (Pinterest, DigiTour Media, Civic Entertainment Group) and entrepreneur (Typo), and such a formidable presence on social media that he is able, with a single tweet, to launch subjects to the top of Twitter’s list of trending topics. He is a part owner of the cable channel AXS, and now with the launch of the clothing line in 150 Macy’s stores across the country, he’ll directly leverage his brand for the first time.

As you can image, Ryan loves getting dressed up. It’s something that instills confidence, a sense of self, a professionalism and of course a level of distinction.

“More than ever, guys are taking a lot of pride in the way they are dressing”, Seacrest states. “They want to make a great first impression, and also feel confident and optimistic”.

Seacrest disctinction

Styled looks of The Distinction Collection by Ryan Seacrest

Ryan’s been wearing Burberry suits for years, mixing in everything from Saint Laurent to J.Crew. So for him, the creative direction around his own collection has an exceptional knowledge base when it comes to the look, fit, functionality and overall styling. He has approved every item, fabric, and fit, offering extensive notes for the designers at the various companies making the different parts of the line, weighing in on everything from armhole height to lapel width to pocket-flap style to inseam cut. I mean, he has been wearing suits for years.

For The Every Man, it is all about the details, quality and price point, too. Whether you’re a gent who needs to wear a suit, this collection isn’t going to break the bank. But another overlooked element is simplicity. The Distinction Collection allows for this, keeping it simple yet having the detail of the suit make the statement.

Styling a suit can be challenging as you don’t want to end up with too many colours, so the Distinction Collection has a very smart numbering system that allows you to match a suit, to the ties, to the shirts – which is a sigh of relief!

RS color matching system600
Ryan Seacrest ties 600

So we put the Distinction Collection to the test.

Our dude at hand, StigofStyle and our new contributor Ben (covering our Broke And Bespoke category) rocked up to Luna Park, Sydney to shoot this attire.

Firstly, Stig rocked up on his Ducati (I mean why wouldn’t he) and as you can imagine riding a motorcycle requires a bit of stretch in your trousers. And the Distinction pant didn’t disappoint, nor did they crush. The micro fibre in the material allows for great flexibility. The slim cut straight leg pants also were extremely flattering, paired back with the slim cut jacket which on an overall look, was extremely pleasing to the eye. Adding in a great cufflink, sporting a tie and patent shoes, this suit could take you from work to a formal dinner, to drinks with the gents and/or to the in-laws.

Does it bring in the successful spirit of its Designer though? We wish!

Glen red door RS-600
ryan seacrest landscape600

Overall we saw that this collection gave you a contemporary vibe that was still timeless.

Shop for Distinction at Macy’s

Visit Distinction by Ryan Seacrest


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