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Dimitri Chris (for Modasuite) reinvents the ‘Classic White Shirt’

Gents, remember our 2011 style trend prediction that designers (and humanity in general) will be yearning for and looking to past inspiration in order to move forward?

Well, Modasuite – the quirky retail brand and innovative fashion movement – have certainly taken a few steps back to propel your wardrobe ahead of the game, by commissioning up-and-coming designer Dimitri Chris to design a capsule collection that’s future fantastic.

Taking inspiration from the 1930s, Dimitri Chris has taken the most important piece in a man’s wardrobe, the white shirt, and veers it in a less serious and yet sophisticated direction.

With patch pockets, contrast sleeves, and minimalist attention to detail, the collection is light years ahead yet vintage, versatile and practical yet quintessential to any spring and summer wardrobe.

The shirts in question, are:

The Signature Patch Pocket Shirt Achieved through an infusion of 1930s elegance, this shirt was designed as a reinvention of the minimal white shirt. The hidden placket provides its modernity and the patch pocket in the paisley print, its sense of humor – Both being distinctive touch of DIMITRICHRIS’ designs.

The Raglan Shirt This shirt borrows its styling influences from classic American varsity sports . Built as an over all modern white shirt with a slim collar and a hidden placket at the front, it’s the contrast raglan sleeves that provides its athletic touch. This is an item to be worn just like a men’s favorite baseball jersey.

The Summer Paisley Shirt Vintage inspired details mixed with today’s minimalist design elements makes this shirt a statement piece.

It’s a grand effort from this Montreal born designer, whose style echoes the past, yet whose tailoring and couture is effortlessly transported to the modern man.


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