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Diffusion Sports

Spanish made anything is just wonderful! It’s strong, quality driven and reliable. The Spanish, like the Italians, have a long history of craftsmanship when it comes to shoes. They are so innovative, they even have a brand called Melissa, which is for woman only at present, which has been quietly leading an ecological fashion revolution for nearly thirty years. melissa shoes are made from eco-friendly mono materials that can easily be disassembled and recycled. 100% of materials are used in production. No waste. No dumping excess into landfill. It’s a conscious brand that is reusing previously un-reusable product and saving the planet. And making your feet look gorgeous at the same time honey!

Munich has collection after collection of stylish, genuine, hardworking clothes for your feet. They have their ever popular shelf product that covers; Futsal, Football, Kids, Handball, Golf, Goals and more. And they have their bespoke arm which gives you everything that you want in a sports shoe! Bloomin’ brilliant. Their fashion/casual shoes are very separate to their sports shoes, which is great. I know a mate that is very particular about what sports shoes he’ll wear in the gym, and which he’ll never wear on the street, because they’re a AU$300 pair of Asics and are made for running. So to take the confusion out of this, Munich distinctly move the two categories away from one another. Easily marked for us choice fatigued lads.

Munich must stand for something like this; M is for more. The abundance of colour and styles is insatiable. U is for unique, as their bespoke arm allows you to work with internal designer to bring you a pair of shoes you’ll never see on anyone of the other six billion people on the planet. N is for nonsense, cause if you want to see a mix of colours that in theory should never be mixed together but works with Munich, then that it is. I is for individual, and full of spark and life when it comes to the genius mix of designs. C is for community, as Munich launch their world domination. And H is for Handball…I mean who makes shoes for a sport we only knew in primary school. These guys are not afraid to stand out and be counted.


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