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Denim Do-Over – Paint your Jeans!

Diesel AW2014 biker wash acid jeans

Diesel AW2014 Biker Wash Denim

Get creative with your Denim – Ksubi, Ralph Lauren, Oliver Spencer, Diesel and Denim and Supply.

We don’t doubt that the moving into the new season will find you ready to scoop up plenty of novel denim styles, but before you shop for something new, we suggest you first embrace an older option or two.

By either repurposing your outdated jeans—you know, the long-forgotten-about pairs you just haven’t thrown out yet —or seeking out pre-loved varieties, because this is a new past-time, you’ll not only be adding intrigue to your wardrobe, but you’ll also be reducing landfill waste (clothing contributes up to 5%).

Oliver Spencer 2014

Oliver Spencer Denim 2014

Hunter Gatherer

Hunter Gatherer Denim

Ksubi Kustom

Ksubi have just come up with a new look by painting random strokes onto old denim and New Denim, so MenStylePower are here to get you inspired. Do you dare painting your denim? If so, check out these pics for inspiration.

Out of the eclectic atelier studio space housed within ksubi’s the ghost shoppe, ksubi kustom was created. Kustom pieces offer an extension to the current collection through one off and limited run samples. Reflective in technique of yesteryear ksubi, the brand returns to its core by applying artisan finishes to their denim.

Uniquely ksubi in both concept and design, current season garments and ksubi collectors items are altered to create ‘of the moment’ pieces, modified through experimentation and specialist fabric treatments from bleaching, tie-dyeing, printing, embroidery, studding, and shredding to ensure limited runs.

ksubi painting

Made to order

If you would like a made to order Kustom piece please contact:

Ksubi – the ghost shoppe

Ksubi kustom denim

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren are HOT

RL artists for


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