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DateMyFriend takes you back to an era of Romance

120 moons ago, there was a real shift in how us blokes dated.

If you were the old-fashioned-type, a romantic at heart, you would have been guaranteed to meet your better half at a bus stop or in the library. But as society and culture and ‘pop this and pop that’ gained permanent traction, analogue became digital and the world of dating turned cyber.

This whole new world was so different it was unappealing. With life’s pressures, work and social appearance to maintain, you were chocka block with life.

Then one night as you looked across at the remote control sleeping in the space where your lover should be, you said “stuff it, I’m building an online dating profile!”.

But what would you say?

“I’m a 35 year old, with considerable good looks, with a great sense of humour, excellent mates, steady job and drive a European car”.


Ahem, well that’s it?

Hmmmm. Not as easy as you thought right? What about your genuine qualities, your emotional intelligence, your softer side? What about the love you can give, the charities you give to and the puppies you save?! Hard for you to write about huh?

Well then, MenStylePower has the dating site for you!

DateMyFriend, was created to deliver a new approach to online dating in Australia. Everyone on the site has been described by their friends so you know you’re getting genuine, no-nonsense write-ups about people who have real friends!

Including friends in the dating process, makes it easier for the single to open themselves up to the chance of finding someone fabulous through online dating. Acting as a virtual wingman, or woman, means friends can still be involved and walk alongside their single friend as much (or as little) as they are needed.

We all care about our friends so there’s nothing better than seeing them get together. The truth is, before online dating, it was your FRIEND, brother, sister, cousin, mate or even parents that hooked you up with your future wife or husband.

MenStylePower are looking forward to hearing of successful match making!


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