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Common gym clothing mistakes men are making

It’s believed that 14% of Americans have gym memberships, and for good reason. Not only does staying in shape bring a whole host of health benefits, it can also increase everything from self-confidence to our life expectancies and keep us feeling upbeat and happy when out and about, both at work and in our social lives. It’s a win, win situation!

But going to the gym requires its own special set of kit, and there is plenty of clothing choices, which are particularly useful for men at the gym. It’s important to invest in some proper gym clothes in order to make the most of your time working out: useful both for etiquette purposes but also for health and safety, here are some top gym clothing choices.

Keep an eye on sweat

It might be gross to think about, but it’s an important thing to remember. When you work out intensely, you’re going to sweat – and there’s no point denying that it’s going to happen. Instead, you should make sure you’re wearing what’s known as “moisture-wicking clothing”, where the fibers in the clothes help to take away excess sweat. Not only does this keep you from grossing out everyone else in the area, it also protects your health – sweating is your body’s natural way of keeping down your core temperature, so helping the process along means that you can stay cooler as you work out.

Compression clothing 

You’ve seen guys wearing it in the gym, and you might even have some yourself. Compression clothing is ideal for all sorts of workout activities, and you shouldn’t be without it. One of the many big advantages of this type of clothing is that it can help parts of your body heal and repair if you injure them while exercising, such as your elbow – which is one of the most used joints in your skeleton.

Compression clothing qualifies as wearable wellness, and that means your new elbow compression sleeve has been designed with health in mind. What’s more, it comes with the “wicking” technology mentioned above built in – so you’ll be able to stay less sweaty and remain more on top of your game. It’s a must have for all gym lovers!

Wear the right footwear

Some people think that wearing the right footwear for physical activity is only relevant for those who are doing some kind of sport which requires being on your feet and running around for long periods. But it’s just as important to look after your feet when in the gym. Depending on what sort of workout you like to do, you might want to pick up a specific pair of shoes for the purpose: there are gym shoes designed for lifting weights, for example, while there are others that suit running on a treadmill.

Get the right size

Believe it or not, some guys who head to the gym wear clothes that are way too big for their physiques. If you go oversized, you may find you can’t perform in the gym to the best of your ability as there’s more material to move around. That can weigh you down and inhibit the reaching of your exercise performance goals.

Don’t forget accessories 

Accessorizing isn’t just something you do when you put a wristwatch on before a night out. Before leaving the locker room, you should make sure that you have both a sweat band for your head and one for your wrists, as well as other important add-ons like a heart rate monitor to track your progress. It’s also a good idea to throw a towel over your shoulder in order to make sure you’re prepared to wipe down the communal equipment if you’ve sweated all over it: remember, treat others as you would like to be treated!

Going to the gym is a great way to keep fit, and it brings with it all sorts of health and psychological benefits. From giving you the chance to build muscle and get stronger to simply reducing the risk of weight gain and other unhealthy characteristics, there’s plenty of reasons to sign up and get fit without having to commit to being there every night of the week! When you go, it’s important to remember to wear the right clothing. From ensuring the size of your clothes is correct to investing in some compression clothing to cut down on sweat and prevent injuries, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re dressed correctly in a gym environment.


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