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Clean Skin: Ultraceuticals for Men


Living in Australia, with the sun, surf and sea is a blessing but did you know that sun, sugar and salt are three main contributors for aging in men?

Aussie gents are naturally drawn to the outdoors as we are adventurers at heart. Yet many of us don’t wear sunscreen. We want that masculine tan that shades in our 6-pack like a Photoshopped image in GQ. (Strewth I don’t have a six-pack, but I do have the sunscreen). As Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. (More than 1700 Australians die from skin cancer each year)  we decided to go on the hunt for some good suncare and skincare for gents.

We discovered Ultraceuticals, which is an Aussie company and is quite different from other men’s skincare brands you may buy at the local supermarket. Ultraceuticals, have a high percentage of active ingredients. This means that each active ingredient has a ‘specific purpose’ in each product to build our skin and keep it clear of free-radicals (which age us) and protect and hide us from the sun.

I don’t know about you but we have noticed through the years that many a gent’s skincare regime is soap, moisturizer after shaving, cologne and perhaps sunscreen. This has definitely changed, and men’s grooming is on the UP! We’re keen to keep the dirt, bacteria and pollution out of our skin and strengthen our natural skin barrier to keep our face hydrated and glowing. Besides, our face is our business card right!

Ultraceuticals gets rid of the redness, flushed skin and sore itchy beard rash by using ‘active ingredients’ building up the barrier – so you can feel uber-healthy!

One of the products we really liked when we tried the collection from Ultraceuticals was the Mask, which has beta hydroxy acid in it which really showed Stylemeister that he had barrier impairment as it stung slightly on application. So, we got hold of the Ultra Moisture range and Vitamin range that built up his skin with dozens of minerals and vitamins so he looked 5 years younger. Damn right…. and you can feel and smell the minerals in this product! Quite amazing.


We also tried the SunActive SunCare range featuring complete spectrum UVA • UVB sunscreen ingredients to provide the highest UV protection* with 4 hours water resistance. This SunActive SPF 50+ range has a low chemical sunscreen load while providing very high sun protection and remaining photostable. The SunActive range does not contain parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances or benzophenone. Perfect for the environment and your largest organ.

Happy Summer dudes!



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