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Chillax dude … be casual about your stylin’

You like kicking back, you don’t like fussin’ too much with your gear, you couldn’t care less if the world’s haute couture designers and their creations were banned from the face of the planet (except that all those gorgeous models would also disappear from the catwalks …), you pull on whatever looks good and is within hands’ reach, and your wardrobe motto is “keep it simple stupid!”

You’re casual … dude!

Nothing wrong with that … you’ve just got better things to do than obsess about brand, fit and trends. However you’re not 100% clueless about your style.

Your brands are Levi, Worn Free, Swear and Volta shoes, Calvin Klein, Redwing, American Apparel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani Collezioni, Nudie Jeans and G-Star Raw.

To keep it casual, just make sure you’re on top of the best pieces to keep that look going:


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