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#CalvinKlein: The King of the Undergarment

markymark calvin klein kate moss

When did men start caring about their underwear? When the above advertisement was published! Was it saying, if you wore these dacks, you’d be able to date Kate Moss? No?

Men started caring in the early 1980s, when Klein changed the American market of men’s underwear. In a world that was filled with fluorescent everything, and Madonna-esque goth, Klein understood that most men’s underwear was white and purchased in packs of three by a “wife, mother or girlfriend’.

Something clicked commercially for Klein, and one would suppose emotionally, and then the brand started its incredible launch to “the American male to care about his brand of underwear”. This is something few will ever see again in the fashion world.

Still to this day, any other brand trying to copycat the elastic strap branding is seen as just that. Although, many entrepreneurial businesses have been able to do so. 2(x)ist, an Aussie company which has just been bought indirectly by the very luxurious LVMH. Diesel, HOM, Ralph Lauren and MenStylePower’s favorite Hugo Boss.


Gents whatever your fit, and we all know how different that can be, there is no excuse to not have great undergarments in your drawers. To women, wearing great designer underwear is a sign of personal respect. Because this is the area that is hidden during the day. If you don’t care, then well, she’ll know about it.

So I’m hearing you say, what’s the difference with buying a pair from M&S and say – why do I need to spend the money?

Well firstly, it’s the quality of the fabric. Just like the resolution on your plasma TV, with the increased dots to give you better vision, designer underwear has higher quality thread, gain, stitching and longevity. You may pay more, but they will last more and look like they are brand new for a lot longer. Plus Guys, Branding. Yup, if you’re wearing your underwear to impress she will know about it. She knows about brands! Don’t ever forget it. (stylemeister is on the floor laughing as he’s remembering a story – a long time ago – when he came home and his wife had his favourite trunks alight in the kitchen sink)….TRUE! Mind you the fabric was very thin, they had tears in them and well – that’s totally un-sexy!

Christmas is always a time for the underwear march. Nana’s love giving a 3 pack – so drop her a hint and say Calvin Klein. Please.

Here are some tasteful men’s undergarments ad campaigns to get you thinking.




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